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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Google Currents: How does it work

Google Currents is an app available for your Android, iPhone and iPad devices. Once you download the app you can then start adding your favorite feeds to it and start reading all the content in the form of a magazine. The look and feel will be like a magazine and you can then flip through everything as you would a magazine. Many sources also discussing this as  Google's Flipboard competitor. 

A detailed look at how you can use Google Currents
As you might have guessed the name of the app symbolizes what can be done with it. You can add your favorite content from leading publications and blogs that you follow everyday to this App. You can then browse through content whenever you want. Either in online or offline mode. As the app constantly downloads stuff that you like and converts the entire thing into a magazine type format for easy flipping through. 

You can also follow trending stories
What this does it pulls the most happening current stories from the web and fills your screen with videos, images and articles to create a living edition. 

The App has two main section: Library and Trending. In the library section of the app you can add your feeds and content you have opted to follow. The app will also proactively download content so you can read it even while on off-line mode.
The Trending section of the app display hot news and stories from across the web. Which is further broken down into sections like tech, Business and world-news all listed under Top Stories.

How to add your Blog or Site to Google Currents
Google Currents offers the ability for owners of blogs and websites to ad their content to Google Current and thereby giving the users of the app the ability to subscribe, browse and read through your feeds. You will need to go here to publish your content to Google Current Once here you can then set up your site feed and add your YouTube Channel, after you give your edition a name you content will be published. It is fast and easy. 

Google Currents offers content from over 150 publishers offering full length articles adn you can find the complete list here. Adding all your favorite RSS feeds is easy and you can get all your content wherever you are. Currently available in the US only

Check out Google Currents now. Google Currents is now available for download in the Android Market and the Apple App Store. Source: Google Blog

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Android App: The Social Radio for Twitter to listen to your Tweets mixed with your favorite music

Here's another cool Android App available in the market that lets you do something  that can add to your safety. When we safety we mean you will be able to drive your car with your hands on the wheel, while the App will read out Tweets to you. This is a cool new App that will keep reading your Twitter Stream while being mixed with your favorite music from your playlist in the background. Once the App is turned on it keeps functioning in the background enabling you to keep working on your phone without any interference. 

Another good thing about the App is that the full version is now available for a limited time and so if you hurry up and get the App it comes to you totally free. The app can read your tweets, retweets, hashtags and can also read out emoticons. Once the app is installed you can then play your favorite song while the app fetches all your tweets and read them out one by one. You can also let the app know at what intervals it needs to fetch and read out tweets. 

Additional the app can read tweets from trending topics, your lists or topic of your choice. The app does not have it's own music play but will use the stock player available on your phone. 

The Social Radio for Twitter

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Path:(Social Network) How does it work

Path is a mobile only social network. That is if you care to have another social network in your life. With path you can keep track of all that you do and share with friends. As this social network works something like a journal. There is also a 150 friend limit, which ensure that only people who matter to your most are a part of your network and there is nothing you can do to lift this limit.


How it works
Path is a mobile App that can be downloaded on your iPhone or Android based phone. Once you download the App you can start adding contacts and begin sharing with them. You can record your thoughts, events and photos throughout the day. The platform is very simple and there are no links, apps or photo galleries. So once you join you can create a path and start sharing by adding photos and adding tags of people places and things. It also has geo-location and can share with people where you are at the present moment  and who you're with. With the new version of Path you can also post music.

With its GPS capabilities the app can automatically tell your pals that you have just landed in a new place. If you want to use and turn on that sharing feature. You can also tell people when your awake and when your sleeping, who you're with and where you are. You can also share quality photos, videos and music. For those of you who like to share on networks like Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook, you can easily check-in and share stuff. You can also use Path to Tweet directly to Twitter. 

Purpose: To create a safe and personal social network among people who you really trust.

Path is like a personal journal, to record and share things with close friends and family and available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones. 

Path for iOS
Path for Android

Path for social networking on your mobile device.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

How to send free Texts or SMS messages to any mobile number anywhere in the world

There is a new mobile app that lets you send free text messages to any mobile phone or cell phone in the world. This is a neat little innovation that will come in handy for people who need to send a lot of international texts. So if your business revolves a lot around SMS and free texting that this App is for you. JaxtrSMS is a mobile App, developed by Sabeer Bhatia. If you have been around the internet for a while. You will remember that he was the guy who founded Hotmail. Which was the rage when it was first released. Everyone used to have a Hotmail account. Some of us still have those accounts. Just for kicks.

JaxtrSMS: How doe sit work
It is free to download and use and works like normal texting would work. You send a free text or SMS to any mobile number in the world and it will land in the regular Inbox just like any other text. So there it is - free and easy to use. There are many other services that let you send SMS' to mobile numbers in the world but it comes at a cost. This is the only Free international and Local texting service that is out there. JaxtrSMS the free app for Android, iOS, Blackberry, J2ME, Symbian, and Nokia.

JaxtrSMS - for free international and local texting. 

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