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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ditch the fruit: How to move all your iPhone, BlackBerry content to a Motorola Android phone

So if you have decided to ditch your iPhone or BlackBerry in favor of a Motorola Android phone. Motorola sponsored "Welcome home to Andriod' is just for you. With this simple and easy to install and use app, you can transfer all your content quickly onto your new Motorola Android phone. Please find a list below of the stuff you can move using 'Welcome home to Android'. 

Motorola Droid 3

Personal Information

Contacts and email addresses

Meetings and events

Task lists

Notes and memos

Media and More

Photos and photo albums

Music and iTunes playlists

Videos (MP4, Mov, AVI)



Motorola Android phone running Android OS 2.1 or later

Windows PC or Mac computer

Ready for the shift, click here to get started. 

Welcome Home to Motorola Android is sponsored by Motorola, and is FREE for Motorola Mobility customers.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dell Streak 7

Dell has introduced the Dell Streak 7 which comes with the following features. With this Dell has made the first 4G compatible tablet, courtesy of T-Mobile and comes with a $199 contract with and $450 without. It also has Adobe Flash 10.1 support and front and rear cameras. With a very innovative shiny Andriod 2.2 running the device. Is this enough to distract from the number of Android 3.0 tablets set to arrive. Available now in the US.

  • Android™ 2.2-based tablet with over-the-air upgrade capability for future OS releases

  • Vibrant 7-inch, multitouch display with full Adobe® Flash 10.1 

  • 1.3 MP front-facing camera for face-to-face chats on popular services such as Qik or Skype 

  • 16 GB of internal storage, plus Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and built-in GPS

  • Connect on your terms. Save with 2-year contract or flexibility with prepaid pay-as-you-go plans

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

GetGlue: How does it work

What is GetGlue and how does it work.

GetGlue is a entertainment based social network and is available for Android and the iPhone. The iPad version will be coming soon. Once you get the App you can rate movies, music, stars, shows etc. See reviews by your friends and get recommendations. GetGlue currently has more than 4.5M new unique ratings and check-ins for tv shows, movies, music and books every month. GetGlue users rate and check-in to things they like to get recommendations and earn rewards and stickers.

The main features for the App include.

  • Check-in to tv shows, movies, music, games, and books

  • Share check-ins with your Twitter and Facebook friends

  • See what your friends are currently watching, reading or listening to

  • Earn leaderboard points and get stickers from GetGlue and major brands

  • Rate lists of popular shows, movies, music and books

  • Get suggestions for weekly new releases and old favorites picked just for you

  • Take your favorite entertainment and suggestions with you everywhere

GetGlue has also announced new exciting stickers from partners - Revision3, HBO, Showtime, Barnes and Noble, Universal, Thrillist, FEARNet and TV Squad.

Revision3: A geeks dream come true - the fan stickers for all top Revision3 shows are here. We also have some secret stickers for Beer, Kevin Rose and Veronica Belmont.

HBO: When HBO launched stickers for True Blood, Entourage and Hung, fans loved them for their bold look and edgy names. Today, HBO is announcing a set of HBO personality stickers. To earn these, fans need to like various shows, characters and stars.

Showtime: Showtime is back on with the premier of Weeds and The Big C. We are delighted to offer exclusive stickers for these shows. The new Weeds secret stickers are sure to delight the fans of the Botwin family, with their provocative colors and themes.

Other partners: Barnes and Noble fans can now get a sticker for their favorite book store and also a special sticker for Nook. Since Friday, many of you have already earned a new sticker from Universal for checking-in to the Scott Pillgrim movie. We are also delighted to announce exclusive stickers for fans of Thrillist, FEARNet and TV Squad.

To download the iPhone App or Android App please click here

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Monday, August 16, 2010

How to use Voice Actions for Andriod

If you have an android based phone, you will be happy to learn that you can now interact with Android phones using voice actions. You can now send SMS by talking your message into your phone instead of typing it. You can also call contacts with voice actions. You can also use it to find and play music. Imagine you can now send email to friends and the whole thing by just speaking into your phone. With phones becoming more and more like your own personal computer. This takes things to a whole new level. Your phone becomes easier to operate and everything is no more more just a click of a button away but a word from your mouth away. 

How to use Voice Actions for Android. To use Voice Actions, tap the microphone button on the Google search box on your home screen, or press down for a few seconds on the physical search button on your phone to activate the “Speak Now” screen.

Both Voice Actions and the new Google search widget require Android 2.2 (Froyo), and will be pre-installed with the new Droid 2 phone from Motorola and Verizon. Voice Actions are currently available for U.S. English speakers.

How to get voice actions for Android.
You will need to download the voice search App, featuring voice actions

Here are a list of Voice commands to use for voice actions. 

Send text messages

Say "send text to [recipient] [message]*"
e.g. "send text to Allison Miller Running late. I will be home around 9"

Get directions
Say "navigate to [address/city/business name]"
e.g. "navigate to the DeYoung Museum San Francisco" or "navigate to 1965 Page St."

Call contacts
Say "call [contact name] [phone type]*"
e.g. "call Allison Miller home"

View a map
Say "map of [address/city]"
e.g. "map of San Francisco"

Write a note
Say "note to self [message]"
e.g. "note to self grocery list banana milk eggs pizza"

Listen to music
Say "listen to [artist/song/album]"
e.g. "listen to the decemberists"

Call businesses
Say "call [business name] [location]*"
e.g. "call Pizzeria Venti Mountain View"

Send email
Say "send email to [recipient] [subject]* [body]*"
e.g. "send email to Mike LeBeau How's life in New York treating you? The weather's beautiful here!"

Go to websites
Say "go to [website]
e.g. "go to Wikipedia"

Search Google
Say "[your query]"
e.g. "pictures of the golden gate bridge at sunset"

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Try the Yahoo Search Widget for your Android Phone now

The all new Yahoo Search Widget is now available for Android Smartphones. making it much easier to access Yahoo search results on your home screen.

Some of the features include using your Touchscreen to enter search queries or simply speak your search query. Whether you enter your search query or speak it in Yahoo will show you suggestions.In the Yahoo Mobile search results there are also shortcuts, news and deeper news. 

This App is currently available only in the US, it's voice recognition support multiple languages. 

Try out the Yahoo! Search widget and our other widgets by scanning the barcode below with your Android phone. For those of you who'd like to try it, here it is. 
Yahoo! Apps Android Download Barcode

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anyone can now build an App For Android Phones

How to build an App for Android Phones?

Google has launched App Inventor for Android. You can now build your own Apps. The best part is that you do not need to have any programming knowledge. You can start up by simply visualizing your App and go from there. You can also build any App you want since the Apps are not limited to only games. You get all the functionalities of any professional App you've seen including a database and GPS. You can build Movie Apps, Education Apps, Cooking and Feed Apps, just about anything. 

This is surely going to be a huge draw as anyone who likes using Apps can now get a chance to create one themselves. If you got that Great App Idea for an Android based phone. Here is your chance now to go and create that App you've always dreamed off.

The App Inventor is based on blocks which allows you to easily drag and drop and place on top and it's a really simple and easy to use interface. 

Watch App Inventor in action. To go build your own App please click here.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Orkut for Android — live folders, photo upload and Scrap Notifications

Google has released Orkut for Android phones,especially in places where they matter, mainly India and Brazil. Orkut the social networking service from Google which was launched a few years ago gained traction mainly in India and Brazil and still continues to be a popular social network in these countries. You can now use Orkut on all Smartphones built using the Android based operating system.

How to install the Orkut for Android Application.
1. Visit the Android market from your Android device
2. Under the social Applications category search for "Orkut"
3. Or directly scan the QR code below to install it.
Note: This application only runs on Android devices running version 1.6 or higher

How to install Orkut friends live folders on your Android Device
1. Click Menu
2. Add
3. Folders
4. Orkut
This needs to be done once you add the Orkut for Android application.

Add photos from your Android phone to Orkut
1. Click Menu
2. Share
3. Orkut
This can be done while browsing your photo albums on your Android phone

Scrap Notifications

You will get Orkut scrap notifications on your Android phone when you have new scraps. The scrap notifications will appear on your Android device notification bar. Clicking on notifications will take you to your   scrapbook page.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Google may be sued over the'Nexus One' name

The UK's Telegraph is reporting that the family of author Phillip K. Dick is set to sue Google over the Nexus One name. Isa Dick Hackett, Dick's daughter claims the name was lifted straight from her father's novel 'Do Android's dream of eclectic sheep'. This book published in 1968 and later became the basis for the movie Blade Runner features a series of robots known as Nexus 6 models. 

“In my mind, there is a very obvious connection to my father’s novel,” Isa Dick Hackett, the late author’s daughter, has gone on the record as saying. Isa Dick Hackett, the author's daughter, has sent a letter to Google demanding that it change the name of its new phone.

"Google takes first and then deals with the fallout later," Hackett told the Mail. "In my mind, there is a very obvious connection to my father's novel. People don't get it. It's the principle of it."

Google on the other hand define 'Nexus' as a word meaning where things meet. And has it's root in the ancient Greek. Google said that they used this common word based on it's original meaning and not the creation of Dick. 

Isa Hackett, daughter of author Philip K. Dick, says the Google Nexus One uses names taken from his book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Photo Courtesy Daily Mail

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Google building a Nexus One for enterprise.

Google's Andy Rubin the brain behind the android operating system speaking with All Things Digital has said that the next version of the Nexus One would be for business and enterprise. Yes the next Nexus One will have a physical keyboard. This could spell trouble for Motorola's Droid and Research in motion and their Blackberry phone's. Who already have a strong presence in the enterprise cellphone market.

nteresting. Rubin mentions that Google is working on an enterprise version of Nexus One. What would a enterprise version of Nexus One look like? Would it support exchange? It might, says Rubin. “An enterprise version might also have a physical keyboard … it might be a world phone…” But then it’s a different device,” Walt suggests. Rubin: “Yes, it would be a different SKU.”

On a further note Rubin also agreed that they are doing doing too well in their customer service department as there is only e-mail support and no phone support, and they are working on a 3-day delay in response time. We need to get better at customer support he said.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Google testing it's own phone

According to people familiar with the matter it has been reported that Google is testing it's own phone and could be ready for the market as early as next year.

The phone is called "Nexus One" and will be running on Android the phone IS that Google built. Unlike the way other phones are sold. google plans to sell the phone themselves online and users will have to choose which cellular devices they would like to use for the device separately.

"In a blog post Saturday, Google wrote it was sharing a new device running its Android operating system with employees to "experiment with new mobile features and capabilities."

This move marks a new beginning for Google into the world of direct sales.

There have also been reported sightings of the device

"A blog post from a Google executive on Saturday morning dropped hints that the company would release a Google Android phone of its own."

The Nexus One hardware is allegedly from HTC--from the same mold as the HTC Passion. Based on the current rumors, the Nexus One runs on the blazing fast Snapdragon processor, has a super high-resolution OLED touchscreen, and will be thinner than an iPhone.

Here's a pic of the phone. Credit goes to Corey O Brien via Twitter

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Google has an Android Phone?

News Story found on Gizmodo.

There is news that a whole new Google phone may be underway. The phone is speculated to incorporate Google devised hardware and run on an entirely new adaptation of the current Android OS. Prototypes of the phone are expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks and feature expansive LCD displays.

There is also an unconfirmed report that Google is yet to reveal the real Android version which may vary significantly from their current Android OS.

It is also rumored that the devise will feature Google voice thus eliminating the need for contemporary voice plans

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