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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mafia Wars Paris

Mafia Wars will be coming soon to the city if lights Paris, France. And it seems reasonable enough to expect bread, wine and cheese collections.

You and your mafia can now get ready to conquer the city of lights.

Paris has now been added to the game's drop down menu with the tag "Coming Soon"

Las Vegas was announced on the same drop down menu but it seems Paris is coming first. Will keep this post updated as and when news is released by Mafia Wars

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FarmVille Peanut Crop

FarmVille has introduced a new permanent crop the Peanut. 

The peanut's a 16 hour crop, yields 78 coins when harvested, and can be purchased for 20 coins from the market.

 it can be mastered! Level 1 is achieved at 275 crops harvested, Level 2 at 825 crops and for Level 3 you'll need to harvest 1650 crops.

Level 1 mastery : 275 peanuts
Level 2 mastery : 825 peanuts
Level 3 mastery : 1650 peanuts

Off course there were rumors that this crop will be launched with an Ad sponsor but that has not yet happened.

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Treasure Isle Barrel of Fun

Treasure Isle has three new barrels of fun that are washing up to shore. These barrels can be found in the "Free Gifts" tab and can be sent to all your friends. The Barrel gifts include a plain " Iron Band Barrel", "Blue Barrel" which is decorated with yellow and white flowers and the "Wine barrel" decorated with purple grapes. All nice additions for your home island.

These barrels do not wash up to your island but are actually found on the "Free Gifts" page and can be sent as gifts.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Treasure Isle Fire Pit

Treasure Isle Adventures can now quickly level up to 100. Alone on an Island you definitely need a fire pit to keep yourself warm during the nights. Treasure Isle have ensured that you can easily level up to 100 and get a move on in the game. Once you level up to 100 you can get a fire pit, lava rock and flower garden are now available.

The Level cap has been increased from 50 to 100.

As of now there aren't any maps that have a level requirement higher than 50, but some are undoubtedly in the works. The level increase is arriving just in time – although regular players are probably somewhere in the 20s or low 30s, the most hardcore players are already at or very close to level 50.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PetVille Mini-Cafe

Cafe World collectible gifts come to PetVille. You can now build your pet a mini-cafe right in your pet's home. There will be 10 collectible cafe-themed collectible items available over the next 20 days. Each item will be available as a free gift for 48 hours. The collection will include a chef, a mini-stove, a mini-table, mini-chair and a mini-sign as well. The way to receive these items as free gifts is to send them first to your friends with a wink or a nudge to get them sent back to you.

Each of the 10 limited edition gifts will be  available for 2 days only. Send them to your friends and hope your friends return the love and send some back.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mafia Wars Limited Edition Items from Scarface

Mafia Wars has teamed up with the movie "Scarface" to bring you special Limited Edition items from the film! Go to the Marketplace NOW and get the first of four items - Deal Gone Bad - only available through this Wednesday. Keep checking on the Marketplace for more Scarface items, coming soon

The Chainsaw from one of the most brutal mafia movies made in Hollywood

51 attcks 33 defence

There are to be more scareface items coming soon so please check the market place. 

It really makes sense for Mafia Wars to go back to the classic Hollywood mafia movie to bring those classic themes to life. This mob themed game draws inspiration from the original Godfather styled moves and those themes are still in-vogue in Mafia Wars.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mafia Wars Explosive Crates

Prize items that you can get inside explosive crates :

Weapons :
suspicious package – common – 30 attack 18 defense
explosive putty – common – 31 attack 15 defense
flame broiled – rare – 56 attack 33 defense

Armor :
trip wire bomb – common – 32 attack 19 defense
depth charge – uncommon – 23 attack 40 defense

rigged tanker truck – uncommon – 39 attack 29 defense
rigged oil tanker – rare – 30 attack 57 defense

  • These items are purchasable for Godfather points. One crate for 12 or Three crates for 35.

  • Items in this category may NOT be gifted.

Available: April 6, 2010 - ?

One Explosive Crate One Explosive Crate (12 Reward Points)

60% chance for Common items

30% chance for Uncommon items

10% chance for Rare items

Three Explosive Crates Three Explosive Crates (35 Reward Points)

60% chance for Common items

30% chance for Uncommon items

10% chance for Rare items


Godfather Crate

Tools Of Persuasion

Yakuza Crate

Red Hammer Crate

Woodsman Crate

Wild West Crate

Street Crate

Colosseum Crate

Best of Crate

Hard Labor Crate

Tiger Crate

Cuban Crate

Halloween Crate

Experimental Crate

Food Fight Crate

Best of 2009 Crate

Spy Tech Crate

Sports Mystery Crate

Bangkok Crate

Crisis Crate

Spy Tech Crate 2

Urban Crate

Explosive Crate
Special Crate

Super Stuffed Crate

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PetVille Pet-sonality

Does you pet have a personality, is you pet outgoing and fun to be with. PetVille have announced Pet-sonality. Bring out your pet's character as it is. Maybe your pet is a troublemaker or a peace loving artistic and creative sort. Whatever is the character of your pet which would most probably depend on you, since so much of your character is rubbing of on your pet. Pet's will now have Pet-Sonality and free to mingle with other pets in the neighborhood. 

PetVille has not said much about this new feature other than that you can change your pet-sonality depending on the free treats your friends can send. 

Your pet will have their own pet-sonality! Is your pet outgoing? How about artistic? Maybe your pet is a troublemaker!

You will be able to change your pet's personality by feeding them free treats that your friends can send to you!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

PetVille 10,000 Pet Cash Winner

With all the speculation of the PetVille pet cash offer for where all users had to do was click on a link and enter the drawing. Since the winner was supposed to be announced on April fool's day and the contest was launched just a few days before April fool's day. There was a lot of speculation that this might just be an April fool's joke played by PetVille.

People writing about it really wondered if they would give away 10,000 in Pet Cash. The PetVille pet cash giveaway was considered by many people as just a big joke but apparently it did not turn out to be so. There is a winner and the winner and his Pet are the recipients of 10,000 in Pet Cash.

For those of you who are not familiar with PetVille. Pet Cash is what is used to buy either PetVille Coins or PetVille Cash. Some items are sold on PetVille for real cash making this one of the richest social games on the web right now.

The happy winner of that Pet Cash  is Pawal S and his pet Puszek.

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