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Friday, February 10, 2012 Send Private Info That Self-Destructs after being read once is a web app that allows you to send personal and sensitive data that self-destructs after the recipient have viewed it once. You might be wondering you need this service. Consider this - you email your spouse the ATM number of your debit card. After viewing the number you are not sure whether the email was deleted. Was it left open on his or her desk and others could have viewed it. You are never really sure, maybe you need to send some sensitive data to your colleagues and you would rather not have anyone else view apart from the recipient themselves. This web tool can get the job done. After the person views the data once it automatically self-destructs. In addition the data is sent across in encryption mode and no one can read it or find out what it is. How does it work
1. Visit on the web
2. Click on the link 'Create One Now'
3. Enter the info you want to send such as 'Passwords' or 'Account Information'
4. Click on create link
5. Copy and paste the URL with the link provided into your email or you can also send it as in 'IM". There is an iPhone and Android App available.
6. You're done

You can send the link either via email or send it as an Instant Message. So the next time you need to share info like passwords and account info, try this service to ensure once the message it viewed it will automatically self-destruct.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to kill all background apps on your iPhone and iPad with one step

Double-tapping on the home button of your iOS device will show you a list of apps running in the background. swipe left or right to see a list of all the apps running. Tapping on any app will close the app. This is a manual process and will take time and effort. You will need to move through all the apps to kill them. If you would rather do this with just a single tap or click, there is an app for that. The app known as 'Process Killer' is available both for the iPhone and iPad. It costs $0.99 and once downloaded will show you all the apps running and how much memory it is consuming. 

How does Process kill work
Once you download and launch the app, you will simply need to pull down the list of process shown and once you release it. All the processes running in the will close automatically one-by-one. This is a really good one step process to save you the headache of stopping each app one at a time. The app will take care of closing all your iOS apps with just a single gesture. 
Process Kill

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chumkee - The New Video Social Sharing App for your iPhone and iPad

Image: Chumkee

Chumkee - The video social networking app for your iOS device is fun and definitely something new to experiment with. The way this app works is that after you join you can start sharing your life though photos and videos. Forget text for the moment, you should try sharing your day with your pals through videos and images. This is definitely another way to tell a story. Once you and your pals get the app you can begin to share vie mediums like images and videos. Since this is a social sharing app you can also add random people to follow and add as friends. You can also find interesting conversations and people with similar interests by using the hastag.

Using this app you can share your digital life in one of the most creative ways possible. The app already has over 30,000 users and its user base is growing fast. The app also has a category called 'Hot', this is the place to go to find out what is trending among the people using the app. You can also share your Facebook and Twitter stuff on Chumkee. So give it a while and try it, highlight your day in this fun way - see the fun of discovering people via videos. This is the fun part of the App. Available on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app requires iOS 4.3 or later to run, and if you wondering how much it costs, well it's free.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gube plays YouTube videos that are safe for children on your iPhone and iPad

The benefits of such an app are numerous. Parents who like their kids to watch YouTube videos without the fear that something inappropriate would pop up, would find this app helpful. YouTube has the best videos online and there are fantastic videos for children. Videos that can provide quick diversions to stressful situations. Kids love watching videos and is something that many parents use to their advantage.

Gube is an iOS App that can be used on your iPhone and iPad. The makers of the App say that all videos that are played through the app have been pre-screened, moderated and curated by parents. Which brings with it the safety that parents offer. The app promises only videos that have been chosen by parents by hand.  If you find videos that you kids like you can also save them to a playlist which can be watched again. Will cost you $ 3.99

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Memo - for password protected sticky notes on your Mac

Image: Memo

Memo is a simple add that is now available at the Mac App Store, with this little app you can write stickers paste it on your desktop and it gets synced with all your devices. With iCloud support once you put up a sticky note on your desktop it will then be synced with all your devices and you can even password protect your notes. This is helpful to help you stay on tasks and keep notes that will ensure you do not forget tasks on hand. 

To start creating memos all you need to do is to launch the app and blank memos will appear. Once you are done editing you can then click outside of the memo and the note stays on your desktop. The can edit the font and color of the memo and once you're done you can click on the close button to delete it. Once a memo is up it shows up on all your iOS devices like your iPhone and iPad. If you do give it a whirl and try it out, do let us know what you think in the comments section below. 
You can download memo from the Mac App Store here

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LogMeIn allows you remote access to your PC via your iPhone, iPad [Free for now]

LogMeIn the App available now on your SmartPhone or PC gives you the ability to remotely login and check out your computer. So with this App you can access, manage and support devices anytime, anywhere. Once the App is downloaded you can then control your MAC or Windows PC from wherever you are. The good thing about the App is that it is free and yes, there is an upgrade version which has a few advanced features  that you can get once you see that this app is useful for you.

How does LogMeIn work?
Once you download the App or the web app, you will then need to sign-up for an account and click on the verification email. Once you are in you get to see the App's home-screen where all connected computers are displayed. You can then gain access to any of the computers and control the mouse and keyboard and even use the logout options. You gain complete access and control of the system. The ability to stream videos however only comes with LogMeIn pro.

So with an cool app like this you can gain access to all your files using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and edit and make changes on the go. You can remotely access files on your computer and keep working even if you need to travel and are stuck in some place. Quiet a useful little app.

Download LogMeIn for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch here. [Available for free now]
Download for web version available here

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Summly: How does it work

Summly is an iPhone App launched by 16-year-old programmer, Nick D’Aloisio. The mobile app is very simple in it's working. Basically when you search for something on the app you are returned a set of search results that come with an automatic summary. So once you enter a search term the app will fetch you all the results and summarize all of them. So before heading over to the result you get a complete summary of what to find in the article or news-report. According to the folks over at Summly, their technology goes through the search results, highlights important sentences from the source and seek to bring you an exact summary before you open the search result page. 

The app is language-independent and works best with newsarticles and search results written in a very informative way. The way we look at it is that it kind of works like Google's arrows that appear when you hover over search results. You get a preview of the article with your search terms and where they appear. You kind of get a good view of what you are about to view and then decide if you really want to click on that link. Summly is receiving quiet a few good reviews but there are also some who say that the summaries are not all that great and can kind of mix it up a little.

Summly is a free App for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 5. You can download it now and check it out and see if it really is as good as it claims to be. Please leave a comment with your feedback.

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SkyDrive now available for the iPhone and iPad

Image: SkyDrive

SkyDrive the file storage cloud from Microsoft is now available on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The service which has been available to all Windows Desktop users and Windows phone users for sometime now transitions and comes to all iPhone users. With this new App you can do the following:

1. Login to the service and create folders
2. Upload images, videos and other files from your PC or Mac and access them on your phone
3. Files you upload from your PC, phone or mac are stored securely and will be then available whenever you launch the app on your iPhone ot iPad.
4. You can access files shared by other users with you
5. Upload all your photos and your videos to Microsoft SkyDrive and have them stored for free.
6. SkyDrive offers 25 GB of free personal storage 

If you already use Hotmail, Messenger or Xbox live you already have a SkyDrive account. If not you can head on over to SkyDrive and create a free account.

SkyDrive on the Web
Download the App on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch here
Launching an app like this makes a lot of sense since there are so many Windows users who also love their iPhones. Cloud-storage is all the big rage and this app just makes things easier.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Google Currents: How does it work

Google Currents is an app available for your Android, iPhone and iPad devices. Once you download the app you can then start adding your favorite feeds to it and start reading all the content in the form of a magazine. The look and feel will be like a magazine and you can then flip through everything as you would a magazine. Many sources also discussing this as  Google's Flipboard competitor. 

A detailed look at how you can use Google Currents
As you might have guessed the name of the app symbolizes what can be done with it. You can add your favorite content from leading publications and blogs that you follow everyday to this App. You can then browse through content whenever you want. Either in online or offline mode. As the app constantly downloads stuff that you like and converts the entire thing into a magazine type format for easy flipping through. 

You can also follow trending stories
What this does it pulls the most happening current stories from the web and fills your screen with videos, images and articles to create a living edition. 

The App has two main section: Library and Trending. In the library section of the app you can add your feeds and content you have opted to follow. The app will also proactively download content so you can read it even while on off-line mode.
The Trending section of the app display hot news and stories from across the web. Which is further broken down into sections like tech, Business and world-news all listed under Top Stories.

How to add your Blog or Site to Google Currents
Google Currents offers the ability for owners of blogs and websites to ad their content to Google Current and thereby giving the users of the app the ability to subscribe, browse and read through your feeds. You will need to go here to publish your content to Google Current Once here you can then set up your site feed and add your YouTube Channel, after you give your edition a name you content will be published. It is fast and easy. 

Google Currents offers content from over 150 publishers offering full length articles adn you can find the complete list here. Adding all your favorite RSS feeds is easy and you can get all your content wherever you are. Currently available in the US only

Check out Google Currents now. Google Currents is now available for download in the Android Market and the Apple App Store. Source: Google Blog

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Flipboard: How does it work

Flipboard is an App that has taken the web by storm again. The reason for this is that today the Flipboard App for iPhone has been released. Flipboard was till now an App for the iPad, things have changed and everyone is raving about the new app that has come to the iPhone bringing with it all your favorite features that have made this app so remarkably popular on the iPad.

Flipboard how does it work 
The App is your own personalized magazine which brings everything being shared with you and everything that matters to you. It has a really nice interface and you can flip through all your photos and watch videos, read articles or browse through photo albums.

Once you download the App you can then connect it to your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. You can also connect it to your favorite publications to receive articles. Once you have all this working everything will be presented to you in the shape and form of an article with beautiful rendering. You can then just flip through your article pages and check out everything that matters to you. 

Flipboard also has it's own collection of interesting stuff from the web. You can also connect to this to view the latest happenings on the web. For example you can flip through Fliptech a collection of Tech articles from Flipboard. Everything gets collected and converted into magazine format which is then presented to you. 

So use the App to connect all your Social Networks, Feeds and other sources to start your magazine experience. Once you login all your content is presented in a visual list. The App is also designed to easily flip through content.

Download Flipboard now or visit them on the web here
Watch the video below to know more

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sawt will help you discover and listen to Arab Indie Music

This is a really cool and smart web app to help you find and play Arab India Music. If you have never listened to genre of music below you have been missing out on something. It is one thing to listen to rock but a whole other thing when it gets the middle eastern touch. 

The App has been developed by Beshr Kayali as a weekend hack project and therefore has it's limitation. You cannot keep track or save history of music and songs that you're listened to.It works only on Google Chrome and Safari. There is also no way to let the app know what genre you want to listen to. 

The Amazing thing about it though is the really cool middle eastern ,music you get to listen to. Sawt is fully compatible with iOS Safari (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). The App is fantastic as it brings to the international scene, music that would have otherwise have gone unnoticed. The App also has an upload link for musicians and bands which fall into this category to upload their music and share it with the rest of the world. The music coming from the Middle East has really taken off and the scene right now is quit huge - a definite must check. 


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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Path:(Social Network) How does it work

Path is a mobile only social network. That is if you care to have another social network in your life. With path you can keep track of all that you do and share with friends. As this social network works something like a journal. There is also a 150 friend limit, which ensure that only people who matter to your most are a part of your network and there is nothing you can do to lift this limit.


How it works
Path is a mobile App that can be downloaded on your iPhone or Android based phone. Once you download the App you can start adding contacts and begin sharing with them. You can record your thoughts, events and photos throughout the day. The platform is very simple and there are no links, apps or photo galleries. So once you join you can create a path and start sharing by adding photos and adding tags of people places and things. It also has geo-location and can share with people where you are at the present moment  and who you're with. With the new version of Path you can also post music.

With its GPS capabilities the app can automatically tell your pals that you have just landed in a new place. If you want to use and turn on that sharing feature. You can also tell people when your awake and when your sleeping, who you're with and where you are. You can also share quality photos, videos and music. For those of you who like to share on networks like Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook, you can easily check-in and share stuff. You can also use Path to Tweet directly to Twitter. 

Purpose: To create a safe and personal social network among people who you really trust.

Path is like a personal journal, to record and share things with close friends and family and available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones. 

Path for iOS
Path for Android

Path for social networking on your mobile device.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

How to send free Texts or SMS messages to any mobile number anywhere in the world

There is a new mobile app that lets you send free text messages to any mobile phone or cell phone in the world. This is a neat little innovation that will come in handy for people who need to send a lot of international texts. So if your business revolves a lot around SMS and free texting that this App is for you. JaxtrSMS is a mobile App, developed by Sabeer Bhatia. If you have been around the internet for a while. You will remember that he was the guy who founded Hotmail. Which was the rage when it was first released. Everyone used to have a Hotmail account. Some of us still have those accounts. Just for kicks.

JaxtrSMS: How doe sit work
It is free to download and use and works like normal texting would work. You send a free text or SMS to any mobile number in the world and it will land in the regular Inbox just like any other text. So there it is - free and easy to use. There are many other services that let you send SMS' to mobile numbers in the world but it comes at a cost. This is the only Free international and Local texting service that is out there. JaxtrSMS the free app for Android, iOS, Blackberry, J2ME, Symbian, and Nokia.

JaxtrSMS - for free international and local texting. 

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Music Notation Training helps budding musicians to practice reading staff notes for free

Looks like I still remember all my notes

You know how difficult it is to practice reading sheet music. Every person who want to learn music will need to first get used to these staff notes. Web App music notation training comes to the rescue. If you need to practice your music notations you can do so here. The idea is to keep practicing even when you not playing and it's only that that you will be able to get your , e.g.b.d.f and f.a.c.e  right.

With this app which is also available for the iPhone and iPad, you get to see the music notations on the stave and there is a space below each note you you to type in the corresponding music note. If you type the right note in the app shows you it's correct and if you type the wrong note then the app will display the correct one. This is one good way to get a hang of music notations. You can also change the clef from treble to bass.

Check it out now if you need a little help with speed reading music notes.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Batch lets you share large groups of photos from your iPhone or iPad

image: Batch

Forget syncing you photos to your PC to share them and uploading and sharing one-by-one on Facebook and Twitter. Batch the iOS App lets you do all this fast and easily. With Batch you can now group together a bunch of photos on you iPhone or iPad and share them all together. The app also has real-time sharing and so you can share photos as soon as you snap them. When sharing you can create a private batch to share with just a few people or a public batch and upload the entire set to Facebook or twitter. Saves you a lot of time and headache with uploaded and sharing each photo one at a time.

You can also view batches of your friends and comment and like. You can also see batches you've been tagged in. You would also need to remember that in addition to share on other social networks Batch is a social network in itself and you can get your friends to download the app and join you. This app seems to be the next cool photo sharing app. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. 

You can find a quick guide for this App here and a link to download it here

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Arrived: How does it work

Arrived is the new App that lets your friends know you've arrived. There is no need to check-in using this location based App. All you need to do is to show up at your favorite place and it automatically lets you friends know you have arrived. The concept behind the App goes something like this. Once you download and install the App you can then add a list of places you are most likely to visit. Then add a list of friends who you know would like to know you are there. Once you arrive at the place you are automatically checked-in and your friends know you've arrived. They can then come over and meet you. when choosing places you are most likely to visit you can also add a list of friends who would like to know you have arrived at the spot. Therefore each spot or place can have a different list of friends

The interesting thing about this App is that it is going to find good use among close circles of friends. So let's say you and your pals meet up everyday after college at your favorite hangout. With this App your close pals will know when each one arrives and all of you can then land-up. 

This is what Arrived  says you need to do first when you signup.

First, enter a favorite hangout, city, area, or address you frequent or may visit

Next, add the specific friends who would be interested in knowing when you're there

Last, press connect to let them know that they'll be notified whenever you arrive.

You can download the App for the iPhone here or you can use it as a web app

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Roamz helps you find fun stuff happening in your neighborhood

Roamz the iOS App compatible with the iPhone, iPad Touch and the iPad helps you find interesting things happening in your neighborhood. You can also tie in your social sites like Facebook and Twitter to share your friend circles with the App. Which then searches your social networks and tells you what's the latest around you. You can also connect your Foursquare account to the App to get batter results. Once you connect your social networks to the App it will then search among all your pals and find out the best recommendations for restaurants, fun activities and just generally things happening around you like the best concert to attend on a Friday night. You can also connect your Instagram account to Roamz. You can also share all your fun activities with all your social connections using Roamz.

How does Raomz work

Once you install the app it will search popular social networks to find signals of things happening close to you. It will check for what is happening in your area and present this to you. you can then decided to join in. If you connect all your social networks to Roamz, the App will then search all your contacts and find out what's happening right now and present it to you in a stream, clutter free. There is also a toggle on the home-screen to filter what type of activities you would like to see. You can check for restaurants, concerts or movies in town. 

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

MessagePary Chat Room App for the iPhone

This is a really interesting App and it works like this. It is the traditional internet chat rooms that we are all familiar with but this is on the iPhone enhanced with Geolocation. So you can download the App create a chat room or join one that has already been created, the thing about all these chat rooms is that they are located near you. So you can join a group of people and just chat. The App uses Facebook connect to login and uses your Facebook picture as your avatar.

There are lot's of rooms and one big room called everyone party. There are no private chats, direct messaging or profiles. You login and join a chat room or create one of your own and join the conversation with people who are located near you. The uses for the App are numerous and some creative people are going to make good use of it.

MessageParty on the net
Messageparty on iTunes

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flashlight App secretly allows iPhone tethering

Handy-Light is a new Flashlight App available for the iPhone. In actuality it isn't a Flashlight App but an App that secretly allows you to connect you laptop to your phone to access your phone's wireless connection. Internet services providers would charge a fee for this but with this App in the US, AT&T would get nothing. This App has tricked it's way past the Apple App Store Reviewers and has made it into iTunes. 

To enable Tethering though you need to configure the the wireless network to your Mac. Tweak a few settings and your in. Detailed instructions on how to enable tethering are found here. There is also a video on YouTube explaining the process of tethering without a  jailbreak or paying a fee. 

The only question that remains to be answered is how soon will Apple pull the Handy Light App from the App store. 

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to sync iPhone Apps with iPad

There are many reasons why you might want to Sync your iPhone or iPod Touch Apps to your new iPad. The Facebook App for the iPad costs $2.99 on iTunes. Once you download this App there is only a 1 star rating for it on iTunes so do not expect too much from it. If you however download and sync the Facebook App for the iPhone which is free, you get a better running Facebook App then the one you paid $2.99 for. Somehow the Free Facebook for the iPhone works just as good on the iPad. Then there are other iPad Apps which do not work at all. Therefore it is really good to just sync you favorite iPhone and iPod Touch Apps the the iPad and  they work just as fine and many of them are free for the iPhone.

Once your sync your favorite iPhone Apps to the iPad you can get them to run in full-screen mode by clicking on the X2 button found on the right hand side of your iPad.

How to sync you iPhone and iPod Apps to the iPad. 

1. Back up your iPhone or iPod Touch Apps in iTunes
2. Next Sync your iPad to your iTunes on your PC or Mac, by simple connecting your device.
3. The iPad shows up in your devices menu
4. Click it and select the Applications tab
5. Choose the Apps you want to sync to your iPad
6. Then click the sync button found in the lower right hand corner
7. Your Done. Apps you choose will be synced to the iPad.

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