Saturday, January 31, 2015

To Dream of Life by Niken Anindita

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Canon EOS 5DS & EOS 5DS R Specifications [Leaked]

Please click on image to expand. The Camera that is reportedly to be launched next week, is very impressive and sure to help landscape photographers. Was first leaked by a Japanese Website [Check it out here]

House of Commons - Thug Life

Some context for non-Brits:
This is taken from Prime Ministers Questions: a weekly event that takes place in the House of Commons (the lower chamber) where Members of Parliament ask the Prime Minister, David Cameron, questions. Questions are fielded from all parties, and are selected randomly from a list prior to the start, and also you'll see Members stand up during the session and some will be chosen to ask off-the-cuff questions which the PM hasn't prepared in advance for.
The highlight is generally when the Opposition Leader, Ed Miliband, get's to ask six or so questions that are designed to ruffle the feathers of the PM on policies, or on events happening in the country or world that week, and the PM get's to snarkily reply and defend whatever it is is being mocked or criticised.
You notice that no one actually speaks to each other directly; they all refer to each other as "My Right Honourable Friend". The questions and answers are all directed at the Speaker of the House John Bercow or Deputy Speakers when applicable. Talking directly to the person asking the question is seen as a breach of Parliamentary customs.
It sounds rowdy, and it is. Questions and answers from all sides are booed and cheered accordingly. It's seen as a chance for MP's to let off steam, somewhat, and show verbal animosity or praise for various policies or decisions.
Again; this only happens once a week and it lasts around half an hour. All the other sitting sessions of the House of Commons are nowhere near this exciting or loud. [Explanation source]

Putting Garfield to shame -- maximum laziness!!!

Please click on image to expand. But, just look at how this cat's drinking water. Laziness unjustifiable. [Image source]

Greatest bro save of all time.

Please click on image to expand. The 859 people who like it, we think are husbands' agreeing. [Image source]

Breathtaking views. Milford Sound, New Zealand

Please click on image to expand. [Image source] And this is what happens when it rains here.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Succubus by Sandra Duchiewicz

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Best kiss ever...

Please click on image to expand. This picture of a puppy and fish kissing sure looks cute. The harsh reality though is quite different. The fish is definitely checking if the puppy is edible and the puppy's brain might also register and nice taste of the fish. [Image source]

Finland, Lapland - Mobile Phone Capture

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Batman is getting really creepy -- From the new 52 comics.

Please click on image to expand. From the new 52 comics, The Joker "Death of the family". [Image source]

Bike trick of the day

Some really cool stuff done by this guy -- Tim Knoll. Here's his YouTube channel. [Image source]

Some seriously cool bike tricks to inspire you