Friday, October 24, 2014

Shia Labeouf just doesn't care anymore

Please click on image to expand. This pic of Shia Labeouf will leave feeling a little disappointed. On the other hand you just might really respect him. When you see someone not bothered what the world thinks. It kind of sends a message to be more who you are and not act for others. [Image Source]. Here's an article about the pic, check it out here

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bet you never thought computers could get so dirty!

Looking at the amount of dust this computer has gathered, will leave you wondering how on earth do they still function. Computers are hardy and can still go on -- many a computer hardware engineer would tell you stories about the things they find inside them. Wrappers, Gum etc. Yet, when cleaned they look as good as new.

Mali confirms its first case of Ebola

Here's you chance to visit Google's Massive Data centers, your computer has already been here though

Please click on image to expand. Google have released the veil off their massive data centers and you can now get a rare peek inside them, These data centers are massive and beautiful. Keep in mind that these are among the most powerful server networks in the know universe. These large centers are quite different in that they make use of renewable energy and are environmental friendly. So head on over now to check out all these latest pics released by Google. You can view the Tech used, meet some of the people and visit a few places. You can access the entire gallery here.

Please click on image to expand. 

Ebola comes to New York City, physician tests positive

Make your day more interesting by searching for your first name on Urban Dictionary

Especially interesting if your having a bad day, feeling low or just need some entertainment. Just type in your first name in Urban Dictionary and start having fun. There are some really interesting outputs that are sure to make you smile. Continue the journey by adding your friends names as well. You can access Urban Dictionary here, it is a web based dictionary and hence very different. (Idea Source

'Afraid to Ask Andy' Meme helps people ask questions they were previously too afraid to ask

'Afraid to Ask Andy' is the new meme that's helping shy people ask questions. Started on Reddit this meme based on Chris Pratt's dim witted character on Parks and Recreation. Ask away with Andy Dwyer. There are many thing happening on the internet that constantly need explanations. This meme helps people do just that. Asking serious questions using the Andy Dwyer image helps get you supurb answer to clear all doubts. Image source.

These Bedouin nomads crossing the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan will leave you feeling awe inspired

Please click on image to expand. The expanse of the desert will leave you feeling small and awe struck at the sheer size and scale of it all. If you would like to visit, you would need to fly to Amman, go down to Aqaba and from there plan a day long trip into the desert. Image source available here

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Peaceful afternoon rain will calm your crazy brain [Gif]

Please click on image to expand. Peaceful and soft rain to help you through your day. Image source here

RIP Nathan Cirillo, soldier shot at the National War Memorial in Ottawa

Please click on image to expand. This pic was uploaded by a Reddit user and can be seen here. This was on the Sunday before the tragic incident in Ottawa Canada. Reddit user Sarke1 says he asked a very handsome guard to take a picture with a friend visiting from California. 3 days later he became a victim at the war memorial. He was married and has a son in Kindergarten. 

Evening sunset over the forests of Corsica, France

Please click on image to expand. Beautiful sunset over the forests of Corsica in France. Image source here

Enter your birthday or any other date to see what the world was like back then

This website will let you see what the world was like when you enter a date. Once you enter a date like a birthday, life-event or any other significant event from your past. You will see lots of information of things that were around on that date. Like the top songs on that date, the best selling books, important facts, most popular movies and old journal ads, to name a few. You can check it out now by clicking here. If you'd like to go back to a point in time.  

Harbor Sunset - iPhone Wallpapers

Please click on image to expand. Can also use it as a lock screen. Was first uploaded here and here

The Slums at Night [Wallpaper]

Please click on image to expand. Was first uploaded here and here. original Source here