Monday, September 15, 2014

Arkansas State fake punt

The trick was a player falls down and plays dead. 

Here's how to remove U2 Songs of Innocence from iTunes

If you do not wish to keep U2's Songs of innocence on your iTunes and music library. Apple have released an App to get the job Done. Please click here to go to the app.  

This bat really likes your music [Gif]

This was first uploaded here and here

US to send 3,000 military personnel and medical aid to fight Ebola

Official: Microsoft buys Minecraft for $2 5bn, founders to leave

Makeout session in LSU stands goes wrong

Only in Baton Rouge

NoBore will help you find places interesting places on the internet to spend time.

NoBore will help you find interesting places to spend time on the internet. The list includes videos to watch, things to learn and people to find. Please click here to check it out.