Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Considering Shapewear? Here's Why You Should Take the Plunge

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Most women buy shapewear to look slimmer, right?

Maybe. However, that’s by no means the only benefit this type of clothing offers. The following are just a few more reasons to incorporate shapewear into your wardrobe. Keep these points in mind the next time you’re buying new clothes.

Boosting Confidence

Psychological researchers know it’s easier for someone to feel confident if they’re happy with their appearance. That doesn’t mean you should try to change your looks completely. You’ll feel much more confident if you’re willing to embrace your true self. 

Shapewear helps you do so by emphasizing your best features and natural curves. It allows you to be genuinely happy with yourself, instead of making you look like someone else. Something as simple as a shapewear slip can help your favorite dress sit more smoothly while a pair of shaping shorts could make your jeans and tee combo look better than ever.

Slim and Smooth

Shapewear is designed to smooth your silhouette and create a slimmer overall appearance. Even more than that, the right piece can lift in the right places while smoothing and slimming in others. The overall effect helps clothes fit and feel better, and in doing so makes you more confident and comfortable.

Consider that old pair of jeans you’ve kept around but just haven’t been able to fit into for the past few years. With shapewear, you can slim your figure and slip back into those jeans comfortably and easily. Shapewear can even eliminate muffin top and other unwanted features that usually come with squeezing into clothing. Again, the right shapewear helps clothes fit and feel better. 

Improving Posture

Correct posture offers a wide range of benefits, including reduced pain, increased energy, enhanced confidence, and much more.

That said, maintaining proper posture throughout the day is a struggle for some. Shapewear often helps to make it easier by pulling in your tummy while providing the necessary postural support. If you tend to slouch, consider purchasing some compression garments to correct the issue.

These are all reasons to add more shapewear to your outfits. Looking slimmer is just one benefit it offers. In the long run, shapewear will make you feel confident, fit, and enthusiastic about yourself and your looks.

Expanding Your Wardrobe Options

Are there garments you used to love wearing but no longer feel comfortable in? This can happen for many different reasons. That said, a common one is the simple fact that our bodies change over the years. Sometimes, those changes can make older clothing less flattering than it used to.

Shapewear often helps in these instances. For example, perhaps you don’t wear certain tight garments anymore because you’re self-conscious about any bulging areas you feel are particularly noticeable. Shapewear addresses this problem by smoothing out bulges. As a result, you’ll feel much more confident and comfortable wearing items you may have thought you’d never enjoy again. This gives you greater freedom to experiment with your outfits.

Choosing the Right Shapewear

It’s easy to enjoy the benefits of shapewear when you choose the right piece for your body and outfit. A go-to shapewear brief or thong is a great everyday option for underneath everything from body-hugging dresses to work pants. A shaping bodysuit is a slimming piece in its own right that can be worn as a top with a pair of fashionable pants or a skirt. Similarly, a shapewear cami or tank can be worn as a top and paired with bottoms of your choice. In cooler weather, simply layer with a sweater or cardigan for a flawless look.

If you have dresses or clothing items with specific necklines, opt for shapewear that has a wear-your-own-bra feature. This flexibility will allow you to wear these pieces while enjoying the slimming benefits of shapewear that help you look and feel your best. 

That’s essentially the main benefit shapewear offers. By accentuating your best qualities, it gives you the chance to be your real self. Shapewear lets you choose outfits you genuinely love, feel confident with your appearance, and even enjoy improved health. These are all good reasons to add it to your wardrobe.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Essential Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2019

The field of Android and iOS mobile app development is constantly changing. Providing
users with optimal experiences requires staying up-to-date with new trends.

The following will be some of the most noteworthy in 2019. If you’re a developer, or simply someone with an interest in this field, be sure to pay attention to them this year.

Artificial Intelligence’s Role Grows

AI innovations such as machine learning allow apps to provide users with personalized experiences by analyzing their behavior. This is important, as surveys indicate customers want personalized service from businesses. Machine learning solutions let businesses provide it.

Chatbots Take Over

Chatbots can also improve the user experience in various ways. For example, they can help users search for key features within an app. They can also take over basic customer service tasks that human employees otherwise would have handled. Chatbots can even reach out to users directly to alert them to new features or promotions. Thanks to improvements in natural language processing, voice-based chatbots will be just as feasible as text-based chatbots in 2019.

Augmented Reality Becomes Even More Popular

Pokemon Go! was no fluke. Although the media craze may be over, the game still earns nearly a billion dollars in annual revenue.

Users clearly enjoy the dynamic experiences AR provides. Businesses will take notice, leveraging AR to improve everything from marketing campaigns to ecommerce shops.

More Customers Embrace Wearables

Wearable devices aren’t just fitness trackers anymore. Major organizations such as Uber have developed apps for wearable devices to offer users a greater degree of convenience. It’s highly likely other businesses will also explore the potential of this technology in 2019.

The Rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages & Instant Apps

Mobile browsing is now more popular than desktop browsing. Thus, it’s important for mobile sites to perform reliably. Developers will meet this need by creating accelerated mobile pages for businesses and organizations. AMPs are streamlined pages that are designed to load quickly, encouraging users to stay on your site.

Instant apps will serve a similar purpose. Unlike traditional apps, users don’t need to download them to access them. They’re also smaller than typical mobile apps. This will help businesses offer mobile experiences to users who may not be inclined to download another app to their devices.

Increased Focus on Security

Security is always important when developing a mobile app. However, users will prioritize it to an even greater degree in 2019 due to recent data breaches.

The rise of fintech will also contribute to an increased emphasis on security. Since fintech apps use and store sensitive financial information, customers need to be certain they’re safe. Making a point to develop security measures will help clients feel comfortable trusting and interacting with your brand.

Beacons Will Be Everywhere

Beacon tech isn’t new. Macy’s recently used it to attract guests during the busy holiday shopping season. However, beacons will soon be commonplace in many public spots, from airports to shopping malls. Developers will do their part by focusing on creating effective beacon-based apps.

Even More On-Demand Apps

There’s no turning back from the on-demand revolution. Now that consumers know they can request services via convenient mobile apps, they’ll want that type of convenience whenever, and wherever, possible.

Developers who pay attention to these trends in 2019 will be more likely to create products that offer unbeatable user experiences. Again, success in this field involves staying on top of new developments. The ones listed here are poised to have a major impact on the industry this year.