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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to convert Wikipedia Articles into eBooks

Wikipedia articles in eBook format
Wikipedia articles converted into eBook format

You can access Wikipedia on your SmartPhone, Tablet or other device. However it must be said that reading articles in an eBook format is best suited for the eyes and ease of reading. The most popular eBook publishing format is the EPUB format, fondly know as EPUBs. The format that is best suited for reading offline on your SmartPhone, eBook reader or tablet. Once you create your book you can also share it. Especially good if you have a weak internet connection and live in a place where Wikipedia is hard to access. You can also download your book in PDF. Using this feature you can compile a list of articles, combine it into a book; give it a name and download it to be read later at a more leisurely time. Your own custom e-book.

How to create custom eBooks from Wikipedia 
1. Activate this link to get started. This will open Wikipedia with eBook creator enabled. 
2. Continue browsing Wikipedia as you would normally do.
3. when you find a page or article you would like to add to your book. Click the 'Add this page to your book' link. 
4. Click on show book will reveal your book and you can add a Title and Subtitle.
5. Your eBook is ready to be downloaded using the link on the right-hand side. Click Download and then you can download the book in PDF, OpenDocument, OpenZIM or EPUB format.

Check the video below if you would like the visuals. EPUB is the best format for your eReaders, SmartPhones and tablets. 

Source: Wikimedia

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Monday, May 7, 2012

eBook: The Tiger and his Lady Love

This is a book of poetry written by me which is now available on Amazon as a Kindle edition. Decided that I would sit down and write a few poems telling the story of a few of my jungle adventures and the stories of a few animals. The poems are actually short stories written to meter. I tried to capture the romance of the  forests with all its natural beauty and treasures that are available only to the ones it choose to reveal its secrets to. Some of the title include 'The Elephant' which is a poem about an elephant that roams the forests wild and free and also becomes friends with a human being. There is also the poem of a large male tiger and his life of love and rejection and the ultimate in having arrived when he follows his tiger instinct and learns all. Also the poem about little fawns playing in the sunshine - something so far removed from our world of FB, Twitter and Pinterest. Yes these are videos that can be captured on dSLR cameras and iPads but the jungle only calls a few. This is a poem of absolute beauty and reminded me to leave everything and just enjoy the moment. I ended it with the story of a waterfall deep in the forest quiet undiscovered till today. Please let me know what you think about this concept in the comments section below. 
The Tiger and his Lady love now available on Amazon

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Best sites to download free eBooks

Your eReader is that much more fun when you have free books to read. The good thing about the internet is that there are millions of books out there, that can be downloaded and read on your device and the best part of it is that it is totally legal and pretty easy to download and read. There  have been millions of books that have been printed from the time the printing press was invented and millions of them are available as classics which come with no copyright issues.There is a vast difference between people who love reading books and those who are satisfied with blogs and articles. If you are that person who needs your books no matter what. We hope this post will definitely lead you to your pastures. These ebooks can be downloaded on your SmartPhones, Tablets and eReaders.
best sites to download free eBooks

 List of best sites to download free eBooks online.

Limited time offers from Amazon has a whole lot of free books while Kindle Popular Classic has a whole list of free books that are ready for your downloading.

2. Visit - You can download free eBooks and texts over here. The Archive has a whole lot of fiction, children's books, Academic books and history books.

3. Visit - The world's classic literature at your fingertips with over a million copies available

4. Project Gutenberg - Use their topics section to browse through topics and download free books. 

5. Visit - providing the best books at the best price - free

6. You can also visit Google's Book search that has a huge collection of free ebooks available for download. 

7. You can also visit to download free books, thay have more than 3 million titles available. 


So the next time you are wondering where to go online to download free eBooks for your Tablet, SmartPhone or eReader we hope the list above helps. If we have missed a resource please let us know in the comments section below.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Amazon to open a digital-books library [Report]

Image: Unesco

According to people familiar with the matter, Amazon is in talks with books publishes to open a NetFlix Inc. type service which would allow users to read these books by paying an annual fee. Publishes though do not seem to happy with the idea as it might actually lower the value of the books they feel. Amazon on the other hand seems to be pushing this more for older tittles. This however will benefit readers as they get to choose what they want to read and rent it our for a few days. Users can browse through the library content and take their time in selecting books they would like to read. However how will this benefit publishers., with sales of real books falling and the sale of e-books rising. Publishers it seems are not attracted to such a proposition and would rather that people actually go out and by their books. which also makes a lot of sense as some effort should be involved in getting nice books. This also leads to word of mouth sales and the whole thing associated with buying and reading good books. What do you think about such an idea please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

How to ask an Author a question on Kindle or Amazon @Author Page

Amazon has released a new feature called @Authors and it is currently in limited beta. What it essentially allows you to do is to ask authors a question that you would like answered. So if you are reading a book from a particular author on your kindle you can ask for a clarification on any passage or clarify a doubt you might have on maybe what the author actually meant. 

With Amazon's @Auhors this is what can be done
1. Readers can ask questions directly from their Kindles
2. You can also post a question on Amazon's Author page
3. Anyone who has purchased from can reply to a question

How Do I Ask a Question?
Posting a question from the Kindle:
1. Place the cursor at the beginning of the passage you'd like to ask a question about using the 5-way controller, then press down to anchor it
2. Highlight the passage using the 5-way controller
3. Enter your question about the passage you highlighted, beginning with the phrase "@author". Please note that questions asked from the Kindle are limited to 100 characters. If you would like to ask a longer question, feel free to ask the question from the Amazon Author Page.
4. Select "save & share" from the options at the bottom of the note window when finished

If you don't have a Twitter account associated with your account, you'll have the option to press Alt + Enter to manage your social network registration before your message is posted. You can read more about posting to Twitter on our Help pages.


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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kindle now let's you share on Facebook and Twitter

Amazon has announced a major software upgrade for the kindle. Version 2.5 of Kindle's software is being rolled out automatically on a limited basis. Adds Facebook and Twitter features to the ereader. Users can now highlight a passage from a book they are reading and hen share the same with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The version firmware 2.5 also boasts a bevy of other features like crisper text, larger fonts, organize books into collections, PDF docs get zoom and pan features and password protection.

With competition heating up from the Nook and the release of the iPad. Amazon has had to come up with new features. We can be sure that future updates are going to come with more sharing options for social sites.

Currently users can share content from a book on Twitter and Facebook but with devices like the iPad you get more options and Kindle might well get full social features in the future.

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