Friday, September 2, 2011

How to ask an Author a question on Kindle or Amazon @Author Page

Amazon has released a new feature called @Authors and it is currently in limited beta. What it essentially allows you to do is to ask authors a question that you would like answered. So if you are reading a book from a particular author on your kindle you can ask for a clarification on any passage or clarify a doubt you might have on maybe what the author actually meant. 

With Amazon's @Auhors this is what can be done
1. Readers can ask questions directly from their Kindles
2. You can also post a question on Amazon's Author page
3. Anyone who has purchased from can reply to a question

How Do I Ask a Question?
Posting a question from the Kindle:
1. Place the cursor at the beginning of the passage you'd like to ask a question about using the 5-way controller, then press down to anchor it
2. Highlight the passage using the 5-way controller
3. Enter your question about the passage you highlighted, beginning with the phrase "@author". Please note that questions asked from the Kindle are limited to 100 characters. If you would like to ask a longer question, feel free to ask the question from the Amazon Author Page.
4. Select "save & share" from the options at the bottom of the note window when finished

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