Monday, May 7, 2012

eBook: The Tiger and his Lady Love

This is a book of poetry written by me which is now available on Amazon as a Kindle edition. Decided that I would sit down and write a few poems telling the story of a few of my jungle adventures and the stories of a few animals. The poems are actually short stories written to meter. I tried to capture the romance of the  forests with all its natural beauty and treasures that are available only to the ones it choose to reveal its secrets to. Some of the title include 'The Elephant' which is a poem about an elephant that roams the forests wild and free and also becomes friends with a human being. There is also the poem of a large male tiger and his life of love and rejection and the ultimate in having arrived when he follows his tiger instinct and learns all. Also the poem about little fawns playing in the sunshine - something so far removed from our world of FB, Twitter and Pinterest. Yes these are videos that can be captured on dSLR cameras and iPads but the jungle only calls a few. This is a poem of absolute beauty and reminded me to leave everything and just enjoy the moment. I ended it with the story of a waterfall deep in the forest quiet undiscovered till today. Please let me know what you think about this concept in the comments section below. 
The Tiger and his Lady love now available on Amazon

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