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Monday, October 1, 2012

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Built-in light

Amazon Kindle paperwhite
Image Credit: Amazon

The latest e-reader from Amazon the Kidle Paperwhite starts shipping globally from today. One of the special features of the Paperwhite, is its built-in light. Kind of similar to Barnes and Noble glowlight. Offering readers the ability to read in any kind of light situation either night or day. The light is evenly displaced within the screen and not directed at the reader's eyes. Illuminating and e-ink screen can be quiet a task which Amazon has almost reached perfection in.

The Paperwhite comes in two versions, a 3G version for $179 and a Wi-Fi version for $119. Each Paperwhite is capable of holding 1,100 books and can can last for more than 8 weeks on a single battery charge, this even with the light on. Now this is an impressive e-reader.

So, how good is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite's built-in light.
You will feel that the device glows when it is switched on. Unlike back-lit displays that project light out to a users' eyes. The Built-in lighting of the Paperwhite actually guides lights from above onto the whole screen. So the device has a glowing feel to it - this allows users to adjust the light to all reading conditions; sunny day at the beach or nighttime reading conditions. There is also no glare from the device when you turn it on, on a sunny day. Amazon achieved this by flattening out fiber optic cable into a sheet and nanoprinting to ensure even distribution and display of light. Thereby reducing eyestrain on the e-ink screen, as there is a balanced whiteness across the display. 
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Best sites to download free eBooks

Your eReader is that much more fun when you have free books to read. The good thing about the internet is that there are millions of books out there, that can be downloaded and read on your device and the best part of it is that it is totally legal and pretty easy to download and read. There  have been millions of books that have been printed from the time the printing press was invented and millions of them are available as classics which come with no copyright issues.There is a vast difference between people who love reading books and those who are satisfied with blogs and articles. If you are that person who needs your books no matter what. We hope this post will definitely lead you to your pastures. These ebooks can be downloaded on your SmartPhones, Tablets and eReaders.
best sites to download free eBooks

 List of best sites to download free eBooks online.

Limited time offers from Amazon has a whole lot of free books while Kindle Popular Classic has a whole list of free books that are ready for your downloading.

2. Visit - You can download free eBooks and texts over here. The Archive has a whole lot of fiction, children's books, Academic books and history books.

3. Visit - The world's classic literature at your fingertips with over a million copies available

4. Project Gutenberg - Use their topics section to browse through topics and download free books. 

5. Visit - providing the best books at the best price - free

6. You can also visit Google's Book search that has a huge collection of free ebooks available for download. 

7. You can also visit to download free books, thay have more than 3 million titles available. 


So the next time you are wondering where to go online to download free eBooks for your Tablet, SmartPhone or eReader we hope the list above helps. If we have missed a resource please let us know in the comments section below.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Your Nook dosent arrive before Xmas. You get a $100 free gift.

Customer have been informed by Barnes & Nobel Inc. that if they do not receive their e-reader Nook by Dec 24th, they would receive an online gift certificate for $100. The Nook is a wireless reader that costs $259.

Responding to a request for comment Saturday, Barnes & Noble spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating said:

"The vast majority of customers who pre-ordered nooks and were given a pre-holiday estimated shipping date should receive their devices in time for the holidays. We are working very hard to keep up with the demand and to get all nook orders out the door and to customers on or before Dec. 24. Unfortunately, there may be a very small percentage of customers who may not receive their nooks before the holiday. We communicated with this handful of customers yesterday, offering our sincere apologies and providing them with the following: a nook holiday gift certificate so that they have something to wrap and give if it was bought as a gift as well as a gift certificate that can be used online. Any customer who has not yet received their device but whose ship date prior to the holidays has changed in anyway was notified yesterday of updated timing."

The Nook made it's debut at a launch in New York on Oct 20th. This is the first Android powered e-reader. back then the demand was so great that customers were told not to expect the device before December 11th. The demand has been so great that the company said customers who had ordered before Oct 20th would be given priority.

E-readers are popular and make for great gifts. 

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

e-readers upgrading for 2010

Yeah the news is out Amazon's kindle2 now offering PDF support. e-readers maybe the way to go in 2010. Manufactures have now got the price right and books are good to read. With Barnes and Nobel's Nook, Sony Reader and a whole number of lesser know manufactures. e-readers are set to be the big thing for 2010. They also make a great gift and help your friends read more. With Google's effort to digitize public domain books there are thousands of classifieds out there for your to read.
"The technology is improving. This year brought a lot of essential enhancements to e-readers, including touchscreens (Sony), bigger screens (Sony Reader and Kindle DX), longer battery life (Kindle 2), a color LCD (Nook), and PDF support. Storage is plentiful too. With its SD card slot, the Nook can hold more than 17,000 books--more than anyone would read in a lifetime."

If only their pricing could come even further down they might achieve greater success.

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