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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Xiaomi Arch the first duel-edged SmartPhone

Xiaomi Arch - Duel-edged SmartPhone

Samsung released their Galaxy Note Edge which has a single-side curved edge display. One of the common compliant from users about the device is that if you hold your phone in your right hand, the edge works well. If you hold it in your left, it actually degrades the experience of using the device. Xiaomi not to be outdone have announced a duel-edged device. The Xiaomi Arch will have two curved edges and will effectively take care of the problem being faced by the Galaxy note Edge. The edges according to the company will be used to display notifications, live updates and other important data. The device is still in concept and should be made available later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with single curved edge

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Microsoft Plans To Launch A Smartwatch Within Weeks

Microsoft plans to launch a wearable device in the coming weeks and Forbes have reported that it's a wearable Smartwatch. It can passively track a wearer's heat rate and work across multiple mobile platforms. You can read more about it here

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What is Google Chromecast and how does it work

Google Chromecast is a dongle device -- connect it to your TV and then stream movies, music and more form your phone, Tablet or laptop. Once connected is seamlessly streams video content from your device to your TV. The way it works is that you plugin the device into the HDMI slot on your HDTV after which you can direct video content to your TV via Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or PC. The device can be used with Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), MAC or Windows PC. There is no need for a remote control and while your device is busy casting -- you can still use it for other things like sending email.

Chromecast works with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV and Music and soon Pandora. Chromecast is essentially Google's answer to Apple's AirPlay. You can use any device connected to the network. Which means you can start a video with one device and control it with another. It works very easy -- there is noting to learn to control the device. Simply plug-and-play and use your device to control the play, there is no need for a remote control.

Google ChromecastChromecast how to use and get started in 3 simple steps

1. Plug Chromecast into your HDTV

2. Connect it to WiFi

3. Send video content to your TV via your SmartPhone, tablet,laptop or PC.

Check out the video below

Friday, July 19, 2013

HTC One Mini

The much rumored HTC One Mini has been unveiled, and will be available in select markets as early as August, 2013. Built on a similiar design as the HTC One - the HTC One Mini has but slightly lower specs. The HTC ONe Mini Specs include a 4.3 inch display and instead of 1080p resolution, it will have a 720p screen resolution. Being smaller the SmartPhone's processor is also a little slower. It comes with a dual-core 1.4 GHz processor, instead of the quad-core 1.7 GHz chip that the HTC One has. The Mini however comes with the same UltraPixel camera and HTC Sense User Interface. The phone runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

HTC One MiniThe HTC One Mini has connectivity features like 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and microUSB 2.0. The phone will be available globally by September. The phone also comes with HTC Boom Sound and dual frontal stereo speakers. The SmartPhone has been designed for easy one hand use, and is good for people who are on the go. It also comes with HTC BlinkFeed - what this is, is that HTC has over 1,400 content partners to bring content to the phone, news, sports movies etc. Each time you look at your phone's homescreen, content is updated automatically. HTC Zoe will craft an amazing 30 second slideshow of all your different photos for you to show off you pics and memories with family and friends.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro Launches 23rd May

The Microsoft Surface pro will be launched on 23rd May in the UK. There has been a delay in the US launch with Microsoft saying there has been an unexpected demand for the device. The device can be used as a laptop - remove the keyboard and use only the touchscreen. Well, not so much laptop as tabletop. You can attach the keyboard and use it as an ultrabook, also use the stylus as a mouse. The device is sleek and comes with great design. Very convenient and east to use and handle. The battery tends to heat-up and this is because of it's powerful processor. The OS as you might expect is the full version of Windows 8.
Microsoft Surface ProMicrosoft Surface Pro Specs

Comes in two version 64 GB and 128 GB. 10.6" screen, Dual-Core, 4 GB RAM, i5 processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and both front and rear facing cameras. There is also a back-stand for the screen so your tablet doubles up as a laptop. The device is also good for games.

Check the review video below to know more.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sony Xperia ZR A Waterproof SmartPhone

Sony have just unveiled the all new Sony Xperia ZR - a SmartPhone to accommodate all your underwater shooting needs. By water they mean fresh water and therefore rivers, lakes and ponds and pools are OK. Don't jump into the ocean with it, as it might not survive. In fresh water you can capture photos or videos in full HD with the 13 megapixel fast capture camera. The phone is IP55 and IP58 compliant, so it can be submerged in 1.5 meters of fresh water for 30 minutes. In addition the Xperia ZR has a smart button which allows capturing photos and videos from a locked screen.

Sony Xperia XRSony Xperia ZR also comes with super-sharp 4.6” HD Reality Display for better viewing experience and OptiContrast which reduces reflections and provides fro clearer viewing. With the ZR's one-step sharing function, all your videos and photos can be shared through any NFC-enabled Sony devices, including speakers, headphones and TV. The device also comes with battery stamina mode - what this does it that by shutting down apps in the background, when the screen is locked, this increases battery life by about 4 times. Initially the Sony Xperia ZR will be available in black and white globally by Q3, 2013. The price is still not known.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 specs and new features

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is out and comes with a lot of improved features and new tech, that needs to be appreciated. The size is the same as its predecessor the S3 or should we say the same height as the S3. It's a 5 inch handset and considerable thinner that the S3, weighing in at 130g. The S4 is still using a poly-carbonate chassis and comes in two colors for now - you get either 'Black Mist' or 'White Frost'. Samsung has promised more colors soon.

SGS4 Display
The SGS4 now get 1080p of display and on the 5" screen this is really impressive. The display also makes use of some amazing tech known as Adapt Display in full HD Super Amoled. What this does is that it intelligently adjusts the screens resolution to the media you're viewing. So if you're playing a game the screen resolution will be different, to when you're viewing photographs. The screen is also topped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 - should help with it not getting scratched.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Black Mist

S4 processor
Comes with the octo-core 1.6GHz Exynos 5 processor - yes, it has an 8 core processor. Should be good for when your playing games and watching movies. The SmartPhone also has 2GB of Ram and so you can expect quiet a snappy and zippy phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cameras.
The S4 has two cameras which is kind-of-standard with most SmartPhones these days. The rear camera is a 13 megapixel, and the front camera has 2 megapixels - with the promise of better video recording and broadcasting. For all your video chatting needs. Dual-recording is also possible so when you're shooting a video you can also take a picture. It also has Eraser Shot to wipe out noise from pictures.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Acer Aspira R7

Acer have made a huge announcement and it is pretty big news. They have a new device out called the 'Acer Aspira R7 - the first thing you notice is that it's a nice looking device. It's part laptop, part tablet, and part desktop. Yeah, that's right it can be used as a tablet or laptop or desktop. The reason behind all of this according to Acer is that while touchscreens are nice they are not suited to all purposes and can also be quite messy. Traditional devices are good but to be more human and suit all situations there is a little bit of physical flexibility that is needed. After all the device is to be used by humans and therefore if it can morph into the desired device, it makes things that much more easier to handle.

The new Acer Aspira R7All this is made possible through something they called "Ezel" hinge. This hinge is really flexible and the screen can be moved around, flipped upside down or rotated. The video below will give you clear visuals and make things clearer. When it comes to its physical stats, here's what we know so far. It has a 15" display, 1080p display, choose between i5 and i7 processors. It's also up for pre-order now for $999. The backlit keys are smooth and colorful and the screen is easy to type on. Need to do a sketch you can always use a stylus and get your work done. So check out the video below for more and please leave a comment with what you think about the new R7. The keyboard has been moved upfront and the trackpad has been moved back.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How to use multi-window

The  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with a really cool feature called multi-window. With multi-window you can do full screen multitasking on the Note 2. A feature that was not available on many previous devices from Samsung. Once you enable multi-window on the Note 2, you have a small ticker at the bottom of your screen which you can scroll through to find the apps you want to open in full-screen mode. Not all apps are supported but works on most anyway - you can try this and see how it works on your device. It is a really cool feature since you have a list of all your apps at the bottom and you can open any one you want to view in full screen by just tapping on the app. This way you can work on many apps at once - you could be writing mail while watching a movie or playing a game. Quite a cool feature on the Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - how to use multi-windowHow to activate, turn on or enable multi-window on the Samsumg Galaxy Note 2.

1.On your device long press the back button and it should slip into multi-window mode.

2. Now all you got to do is to browse through your list of apps on the bottom and tap on the one you want to view in full screen mode.

3. Click on edit to drag and drop apps you don't want to appear at the bottom.

4. You can also tap on an app to view it or drag and drop and choose where your app should appear on the screen.

5. You can also split the screen in two.

6. You can also flip apps around by pressing the button that appears between screens.

A fun product from Samsung and makes the Samsung Note 2 that much better to use.

Check the video below for more information.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Built-in light

Amazon Kindle paperwhite
Image Credit: Amazon

The latest e-reader from Amazon the Kidle Paperwhite starts shipping globally from today. One of the special features of the Paperwhite, is its built-in light. Kind of similar to Barnes and Noble glowlight. Offering readers the ability to read in any kind of light situation either night or day. The light is evenly displaced within the screen and not directed at the reader's eyes. Illuminating and e-ink screen can be quiet a task which Amazon has almost reached perfection in.

The Paperwhite comes in two versions, a 3G version for $179 and a Wi-Fi version for $119. Each Paperwhite is capable of holding 1,100 books and can can last for more than 8 weeks on a single battery charge, this even with the light on. Now this is an impressive e-reader.

So, how good is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite's built-in light.
You will feel that the device glows when it is switched on. Unlike back-lit displays that project light out to a users' eyes. The Built-in lighting of the Paperwhite actually guides lights from above onto the whole screen. So the device has a glowing feel to it - this allows users to adjust the light to all reading conditions; sunny day at the beach or nighttime reading conditions. There is also no glare from the device when you turn it on, on a sunny day. Amazon achieved this by flattening out fiber optic cable into a sheet and nanoprinting to ensure even distribution and display of light. Thereby reducing eyestrain on the e-ink screen, as there is a balanced whiteness across the display. 
Read More: Official Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

iPad Mini - Rumors and features but no release date

Alleged iPad Mini device
Alleged iPad Mini device

The iPhone 5 has made a grand entrance and it's now time for new rumors and speculations to start circulating about other new devices from Apple. Enter the new iPad Mini rumors about the Mini have been circulating on the internet for about a year now - we had first written about the iPad Mini rumor a year ago. The same story has now been picking up speed and heat. Could there really be an iPad Mini out there. There is every possibility that Apple could indeed be working on an iPad Mini. If they make such a device available it would benefit a large segment of the market globally. Especially considering its cheap price and affordability to people globally, not to mention the usefulness of such a device in poorer countries.

So how did the latest rumors of the purportedly new device begin again?
A week ago the french blog Nowhereelse posted pictures of the rumored device. Sparking fresh rumors of the iPad Mini - the latest images from Chinese blog BoLoPad have just added more fuel to the fire. Already installed by the blog mactokara. We have attached an image from BoLoPad and you can see for yourself the 7.85 inch iPad Mini. Features that are seen include - rear/front facing camera, two speaker ports at the bottom, home button at the bottom. There is also no way of finding out if the iPad Mini will have Retina Display or whether it will be using the A6 or A5 processor. Or how much RAM or Storage the device will have or can it be used on cellular networks.
Via BoLoPad

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Where to buy the Google Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 has already started shipping and is now available for pre-order in the US, Uk, Canada and Australia. many of the pre-orders done when it was first launched have already started shipping and the 7-inch quad-core tablet is in the hands of many geeks. If you order the tablet in the Google Play store you do get $25 of credit to spend on your favorite apps. The device has been made for Google Play and therefore is called AOA Alive on Arrival. As soon as you get it it is up and ready. Being a 7" tablet it is just bigger than your smartphone and small that the larger iPad - making carrying around the device that much more easier. Google has used Asus to make their home-branded tablet and the Google Nexus 7 can also be found in Asus stores in the countries of launch. The device is available for both 8 Gb and 16 GB.

So how to buy the Google Nexus 7
1. You can get your Google Nexus 7 at the Google Play Store. Click on the shop now link if you live in the US, Uk, Canada or Australia. Other countries would need to wait a few more months before the device is available for purchase. 

I want to buy the Google Nexus from a Physical store in the US
Office Depot
Sam’s Club
Curry PC World Store 

List of stores where the Google Nexus 7 is available in Australia

Harvey Norman
JB Hi Fi
Dick Smith
Bing Lee
The Good Guys
Radio Rentals
EB Games

List of stores in the UK where the Google Nexus 7 is available

List of stores in Canada where the Google Nexus 7 is available

If you can't wait and need one now you can try Craigslist or eBay there is sure to be someone trying to make a profit on the device. If you have bough the Jelly Bean device please leave a comment with your feedback on the Google Nexus 7. I am sure the list of stores above is not extensive enough. Please leave the name of stores where the device is available in your area. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New iPad Name

Tim Cook unveiled the new iPad at a launch event in San Francisco. The big question on everyone's mind was what the new version of the iPad was going to be called. For starters it was speculated that it was going to be called 'iPad 3' or maybe even 'iPad HD' but gone are the numbers and the new iPad unveiled is simply being called the 'New iPad'. This is the most significant launch by Apple for its most important product ever. The launch event has also gained enough traction on Twitter and trending under the topic 'The New iPad'. So let's look at a few of the features that truly set this tablet apart. With ever increasing competition from companies like Amazon. Will the new iPad continue to dominate the tablet pc market.

New iPad Retina Display
The new iPad's screen is has more pixel's than your home theater HD. This third generation iPad has 4 times more pixels that iPad 2. Therefore the screen of the new iPad is stunning and razor sharp. Consider this your HD TV at home has 1920 by 1080 resolution whereas the new iPad has  2048 by 1536.

Of course it also has HD recording and a host of other goodies but the choice of Apple to get rid of the numbering of each model release might be quiet significant. Many websites said that the new iPad should be called iPad 4G. That we now know did not happen. The reasons why Apple decided to go this way is not clear as the company has not given reasons as yet for its decision. It, however can be very significant as it seeks to walk away from all speculated branding efforts. Maybe they seek to create an entire new branding effort and by simply naming it the new iPad they have already set themselves up as the leader in the Tablet market. This is the new device that you need to get, yes it is an iPad but it is totally new. With most competitors also trying to brand themselves along the lines of Apple although not directly. What Apple is saying that the features on the new iPad are so cool it is totally new and a whole other device. You thoughts please in the comments section below.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

How to delete apps on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

One reason why you might want to delete to remove apps on the Samsung Galaxy Tab is to free up some space for new apps you want to check out and try. All apps that you install and add from the Android market can be removed except for apps that come pre-installed on the tablet. So apps like Blockbuster, Kindle, Slacker and movie cannot be removed as it is a part of the ROM of the device. All other Apps that you have installed and added can be removed with a few simple steps listed below.

How to remove, delete or uninstall apps on the Samsung Galaxy Tab
1. On the Home screen tap on menu
2. Select settings
3. Now choose applications
4. Tap manage applications
5. Select App you want to remove
6. Now tap the uninstall button
7. Select OK
8. You're done and the app removed

If you are using Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 there it is even simpler as you do not need to go to the app settings to remove apps

1. On the home screen tap on the Apps icon found on the right-hand side

2. Tap and hold the app you wish to remove

3. Drag the icon of the app to the red remove bin

4. Tap OK

5. You're done


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Friday, December 2, 2011

How to check if your Android phone has Carrier IQ

Image: VooDoo Carrier

We have already done a post of how to remove Carrier IQ from your iPhone. If you are wondering what all the noise is about you can read our previous post about the same here. So if you're wondering if your Android phone has Carrier IQ installed and it just might be recording your keystrokes there is now an App to help you out. The App does not remove Carrier IQ but will let you know if CarrierIQ Rootkit is on your phone or not.

Once you install the App on your phone you will get a score if you get 0 it is best as it means that Carrier IQ is not on your device. Anything above that means your phone hosts the CarrierIQ rootkit. VooDoo Carrier IQ Detector will not be able to remove the program from your device but will let you know if your phone hosts Carrier IQ.

Simond the developer has also uploaded the open source code to Github. If this makes you feel a little more comfortable since the program is just about a day old.

VooDoo Carrier IQ Detector

To view a demo and how to use the App on your Android phone check the video out below.

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