Friday, May 3, 2013

Acer Aspira R7

Acer have made a huge announcement and it is pretty big news. They have a new device out called the 'Acer Aspira R7 - the first thing you notice is that it's a nice looking device. It's part laptop, part tablet, and part desktop. Yeah, that's right it can be used as a tablet or laptop or desktop. The reason behind all of this according to Acer is that while touchscreens are nice they are not suited to all purposes and can also be quite messy. Traditional devices are good but to be more human and suit all situations there is a little bit of physical flexibility that is needed. After all the device is to be used by humans and therefore if it can morph into the desired device, it makes things that much more easier to handle.

The new Acer Aspira R7All this is made possible through something they called "Ezel" hinge. This hinge is really flexible and the screen can be moved around, flipped upside down or rotated. The video below will give you clear visuals and make things clearer. When it comes to its physical stats, here's what we know so far. It has a 15" display, 1080p display, choose between i5 and i7 processors. It's also up for pre-order now for $999. The backlit keys are smooth and colorful and the screen is easy to type on. Need to do a sketch you can always use a stylus and get your work done. So check out the video below for more and please leave a comment with what you think about the new R7. The keyboard has been moved upfront and the trackpad has been moved back.

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