Tuesday, September 18, 2012

iPad Mini - Rumors and features but no release date

Alleged iPad Mini device
Alleged iPad Mini device

The iPhone 5 has made a grand entrance and it's now time for new rumors and speculations to start circulating about other new devices from Apple. Enter the new iPad Mini rumors about the Mini have been circulating on the internet for about a year now - we had first written about the iPad Mini rumor a year ago. The same story has now been picking up speed and heat. Could there really be an iPad Mini out there. There is every possibility that Apple could indeed be working on an iPad Mini. If they make such a device available it would benefit a large segment of the market globally. Especially considering its cheap price and affordability to people globally, not to mention the usefulness of such a device in poorer countries.

So how did the latest rumors of the purportedly new device begin again?
A week ago the french blog Nowhereelse posted pictures of the rumored device. Sparking fresh rumors of the iPad Mini - the latest images from Chinese blog BoLoPad have just added more fuel to the fire. Already installed by the blog mactokara. We have attached an image from BoLoPad and you can see for yourself the 7.85 inch iPad Mini. Features that are seen include - rear/front facing camera, two speaker ports at the bottom, home button at the bottom. There is also no way of finding out if the iPad Mini will have Retina Display or whether it will be using the A6 or A5 processor. Or how much RAM or Storage the device will have or can it be used on cellular networks.
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