Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kate Middleton: Most Searched Topic on Google

Kate Middleton most searched topic on Google

Kate Middleton has been the most searched query on Google, browsing through Google Trends you will see Kate Middleton as the number one topic for Monday 17 September, 2012. This is also true about Alexa the company that monitors website traffic and internet search interest. If you do visit Alexa and click on hot topics - no prizes for guessing the No.1 hot topic - Kate Topless. This trend might go up or down. 

All the interest in the duchess was sparked when photos of her and hubby were released by Italian Closer magazine. There are more photos of her that the magazine have said they will release while Clarence House have said that legal action is being taken against the magazine and the photographer. While all this is going on both Google and Alexa - list Kate among the top 'Hot Trends' on the internet. 

In fact we have embedded the Google insights for search chat below and all terms relating to Kate Middleton appear with the work breakout next to it. Showing the amount of interest this scandal has generated.

A large number of internet searchsd have been directed to closer magazine who do not have the pics online. Gawker has the pics online however. The Royal Family might stop the magazines but once on the internet - it seems the pics are here to stay. Meanwhile as the scandal deepens, interest is only set to grow surpassing that of Prince Harry and his royal Las Vegas escapade. The searches on Google and other internet search engines can be called nothing less that breakout. 

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