Monday, September 17, 2012

Does the iPhone 5 come with Laser Keyboard, Holographic Display

So does the iPhone 5 come with a laser keyboard and holographic images. Fox 5 New York news apparently got something wrong when their reporter, went down to the Apple store on 5th avenue -- lovingly called 'The Cube'. The iPhone 5 comes out only on Friday and while interviewing people waiting in line, said something that was totally not true. That the iPhone 5 will come with a laser keyboard and holographic images. Promoting many users to called the iPhone 5 laser keyboard, fake. As it is not real real, the same goes with Holographic display which is not real. While doing the interview she says the new phone is sleeker and a laser keyboard and holographic images. While saying this a concept video found on YouTube which is more than a year old is played. The video shows the phone with laser keyboard and holographic display.This however was a concept video and the real iPhone 5 does not come with laser keyboard and holographic display. Check the videos below and spot the blunder for yourself.
iPhone 5 laser keyboard and holographic display is not true

The Video from Fox saying the iPhone 5 comes with a laser keyboard and holographic display

The fan video of the concept iPhone 5

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