Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New iPad Name

Tim Cook unveiled the new iPad at a launch event in San Francisco. The big question on everyone's mind was what the new version of the iPad was going to be called. For starters it was speculated that it was going to be called 'iPad 3' or maybe even 'iPad HD' but gone are the numbers and the new iPad unveiled is simply being called the 'New iPad'. This is the most significant launch by Apple for its most important product ever. The launch event has also gained enough traction on Twitter and trending under the topic 'The New iPad'. So let's look at a few of the features that truly set this tablet apart. With ever increasing competition from companies like Amazon. Will the new iPad continue to dominate the tablet pc market.

New iPad Retina Display
The new iPad's screen is has more pixel's than your home theater HD. This third generation iPad has 4 times more pixels that iPad 2. Therefore the screen of the new iPad is stunning and razor sharp. Consider this your HD TV at home has 1920 by 1080 resolution whereas the new iPad has  2048 by 1536.

Of course it also has HD recording and a host of other goodies but the choice of Apple to get rid of the numbering of each model release might be quiet significant. Many websites said that the new iPad should be called iPad 4G. That we now know did not happen. The reasons why Apple decided to go this way is not clear as the company has not given reasons as yet for its decision. It, however can be very significant as it seeks to walk away from all speculated branding efforts. Maybe they seek to create an entire new branding effort and by simply naming it the new iPad they have already set themselves up as the leader in the Tablet market. This is the new device that you need to get, yes it is an iPad but it is totally new. With most competitors also trying to brand themselves along the lines of Apple although not directly. What Apple is saying that the features on the new iPad are so cool it is totally new and a whole other device. You thoughts please in the comments section below.

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