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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

e-readers upgrading for 2010

Yeah the news is out Amazon's kindle2 now offering PDF support. e-readers maybe the way to go in 2010. Manufactures have now got the price right and books are good to read. With Barnes and Nobel's Nook, Sony Reader and a whole number of lesser know manufactures. e-readers are set to be the big thing for 2010. They also make a great gift and help your friends read more. With Google's effort to digitize public domain books there are thousands of classifieds out there for your to read.
"The technology is improving. This year brought a lot of essential enhancements to e-readers, including touchscreens (Sony), bigger screens (Sony Reader and Kindle DX), longer battery life (Kindle 2), a color LCD (Nook), and PDF support. Storage is plentiful too. With its SD card slot, the Nook can hold more than 17,000 books--more than anyone would read in a lifetime."

If only their pricing could come even further down they might achieve greater success.

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