Sunday, September 18, 2011

how to add someone to restricted list on Facebook

Facebook have rolled out their new lists feature which we have already covered. With these new lists comes the added benefit of adding people to a restricted list. The usefulness of such a list on FB is very useful. The first person who tends to land in this list is your boss and maybe people you feel are stalking you. If you are sharing things that some people aught not to be aware of this is the list to go to. By default this list is empty and if you want to add people to this list you will need to physically add them. 

add someone to restricted list on FacebookHow to add people to restricted lists on Facebook

1. Login to Facebook

2. Click here

3. Add people 

4. You're done


This is a fantastic way to keep people away from your personal stuff without having to unfriend or block them. You can silently move them away from your fb life. People in your restricted list can only see posts you make public and info that you choose to make public. Even if they tag you in a post of video you will get a notification before it can go public. 

Will people know if you add them to Restricted list on Facebook.
No, they will not get to know.

How does Restricted List on Facebook work
It is very simple - instead of having to unfriend someone and become unpopular with them. Add them to the restricted list - this way they only get to see posts you make public. Many people put their Boss or Coworkers or kids on the Facebook restricted list.

How to access Restricted list on Facebook.
Please follow the link we have provided above or please click here.


  1. Not working for me! Restricted list refuses to populate with either friends or with a typed in name. any other way to add someone to the restricted list??

  2. omg exactly the same problem as me, i contacted fb about it months ago but the moneymongers didnt bother replying,just sent them another email but got a reply saying because they were so swamped with requests they might not reply me about my problem, wtf. and i cant seem to google find anyone else whos had the same problem, fixed or not, until you, please tell me if you got a solution thanks

  3. You have to click on the friend's name/pic when it pops up.

  4. My Restricted box is not populating either, no pictures, nothing.