Saturday, September 3, 2011

Share stuff from Google Reader on Google+ with just one click

Google Reader is a popular RSS and Atom feeds reading destination and many people get their daily updates from their favorite sites on the reader. This is one of the popular ways to keep yourself updated on all the blogs and websites you follow. Almost every blog and website offers it's content as feeds and this can be syndicated and read on Google Reader, either online or offline.

To share an item or article on Google Reader is very easy and involves dragging and dropping the article you want to share on Google+.

To share on Google+ direct from Google Reader
1. Click on the share box on the right-hand side in Google Reader
2. Drag the article, post, video, image you want to share and drop it in the box
3. Select your sharing circles or if you just want to share it with everyone.
4. Click on share
5. You're done

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