Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple Find My Friends: How does it work

Apple has released the free App 'Find My Friends' with iOS and it has been getting mixed reviews on the web. If you are wondering how it works - you need to think Foursquare, as this is the easiest example to give. You can add friends and then start sharing with them. They can also share with you. The app comes with a lot of possibilities. You can flip your sharing mode on and off. so if you want to share only for a day. Which would be ideal if you were visiting the zoo and you want your friends to come too. You can share your Geo-location and invite family and friends to join you. You can only know your friends activities if you are allowed. So if you get a friend request you will first need to approve the invite before they can see you. The App also comes with parental restrictions. Find My Friends comes with a lot of privacy and so stalkers will not be able to follow random people.

How does apple find my friends work

How to get started with Find My Friends on iOS 5

Once you've downloaded the app you will need to send invites to your friends asking them to opt in to sharing their locations with you. If they choose to do so you will find all your friends with their locations on the page. By clicking on all friends location you can see all your friends locations plotted on a map.

The latest version of Find My Friends has a very interesting feature and a whole lot of potential. You can setup location based alerts -- like when your kids leave school or your loved ones reach a certain place. You can also use Find My Friends to send location based alerts to your close contacts -- this way you can stay connected and keep track of family and friends. This comes with iOS 6.

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