Sunday, December 18, 2011

Facebook difference between hide from Timeline and delete post

Now that you have started working on your Timeline you might find many stories on your Timeline that you might want to hide and some you might want to delete. Before you do that you would need to understand the deference between deleting a story on your Timeline and hiding a story on your Timeline.The Facebook difference between hide from Timeline and delete post. This is importance because what you do will also effect the Timelines' of your friends.

Facebook difference between hide and delete postDifference between hiding a story and deleting a story on your Facebook Timeline
1. When you hide a story on your Timeline. It will no longer appear on your Timeline but will be be found on your friend's Timeline. If your pal has allowed it on his or her Timeline
2. Deleting a story from your Timeline means that it will be completely deleted from your Timeline and your friend's Timeline's wherever it appears. Deleting is permanently erasing the post from Facebook.

This is because you and your Facebook pals all share many similar stories and are related in someway. Deleting it means it is completely removed from your Timeline and your friend's Timelines. Hiding would mean it still appears on your friend's Timeline. If it is shared story.


  1. I have a time line on my Facebook, I can remove every post that's in my wall except for one from a friend that i already blocked. Is there any way I can remove it as well?

  2. Try deleting it through your activity log - you can find more discussions on this page of ours