Thursday, June 28, 2012

what happens when you send an email to a Facebook email address

Facebook can be used as a traditional emailing system like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail etc. Which means that you can use your messages inbox like any other email system. you can click on messages and then +new message and then send messages to external email IDs. So if you want to carry on a conversation with a Gmail buddy. Simply enter their email id and send then an email. If you would like to set your Facebook ID to something fancy that you like  - also know as vanity URLs, it can be done with a one-step method. So once you setup and all ready to go, you can use your Facebook messages inbox and start mailing and receiving mails from non Facebook IDs.

What happens when you receive an email on Facebook
You are notified that a new message has been received
To view you email click on messages
After reading a message you can then archive it or reply to that message
Not important you can also delete you Facebook message

What happens when you send an email to a Facebook email address. 
You emails are formatted to look like they come from Facebook
Including your name, profile picture and your message from your email address
Your email will appear as

As Facebook continues to grow and become more of a web app, using the service for email is set for growth. Facebook also set everyone's email ID on their Timeline to their Facebook email ID. So when you click on 'About' and check for a persons' mail ID they will see the Facebook one. To set your mail ID to primary or adjust settings please follow this link. 

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