Sunday, July 1, 2012

Come at me Bro Meme

'Come at me bro' is a catchphrase used to let an opponent know you are ready for a fight if needed. The person using 'Come at me bro' does not instigate a fight but is also willing to show that they are not willing to back down when someone is trying to bring a fight to them. This meme started in 2010 and is still going strong. We therefore decided to cover this particular meme that always seems to be hanging around the internet, especially on Reddit.

Origin of 'Come at me bro' and how it started also where it came from.
The origins of the meme can be traced back to MTV's reality series Jersey Show Episode 1 season 6. Ronnie is confronted by a person at Seaside Heights, NJ. he then tells his opponent 'Come at me bro' and ends up having a scuffle  wile his attacker's girlfreind tries to intervene.

What does Come at me bro mean?
The phrase can be used in different manners. A confident man telling his opponent he is not afraid of a fight 'Come at me bro'. Also used to show one will not start a fight but when the situation arises, one is not afraid to run away but stand and put on a show. Also used as a statement as a response to a challenging or  exclamatory response to a statement. Also a greeting used between people who are familiar with this meme.

How does it spread on the internet.
People generate meme pictures with this statement and help keep it alive. A lot of these images came be found on Reddit under advice animals and they are really funny. Here are a few below for your viewing pleasure and you can also contribute your own.

1. Come at me bro Cat

2. Come at me bro turtle

3. Come at me bro duck

4. Come at me bro anteater

5. Come at me bro owl

6. Come at bro Jesus

7. Come at me bro cloud

8. Come at me bro dog

9. Come at me bro crab

10. Come at me bro sloth

11. Come at me bro detention notice



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