Wednesday, October 24, 2012

LinkedIn Ignore Privately: How it works

LinkedIn has something called 'Ignore' and 'Ignore Privately'. Ignore is something you see beside invitations to connect in your LinkedIn Inbox. LinkedIn Ignore Privately is an option you see beside invitations to connect in your email Inbox. There are many reasons you get invites 1. People find you and send you an invitation to connect 2. You have already rejected their invitation to connect but you get an invite again. Maybe because they allowed LinkedIn to access their email contacts and send out invites again. There are many case scenarios, however there are these invites from the same people that keep following you around. If you get a LinkedIn Invite in your email inbox, like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. You now get the grayed out button option to ignore privately.

LinkedIn Ignore Privately: How it worksWhat happens when you ignore someone privately on LinkedIn?
For one thing only you will know that you have ignored that person's invite. No notifications are sent to the person who sent the invite. Only you know that the invitation has been ignored and the other person is not added as a contact on LinkedIn. They will eventually figure it out that you have rejected their invitation to connect since your name does not get added as a contact. There is however no notification being sent and everything remains quiet. So clicking ignore beside an invite gets the other person off our back and you continue on as usual in LinkedIn. Helps you maintain your privacy on LinkedIn. There are times you get the option to ignore privately because LinkedIn has detected that account as Spam.

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