Saturday, December 1, 2012

Facebook Photo Sync iPhone and iPad [iOS 6]

You can now sync photos automatically from your iPhone or iPad to Facebook, you will need to be using iOS 6. Since the feature is available on iOS 6 -- if you have the Faecbook app installed on your iPhone or iPad then you should be ready to go and start right away. With this new feature you can sync you photos to Facebook and then choose to share them on your Timeline or send them privately. All photos get uploaded to a private album on Facebook, visible only to you. From here you can decide which ones to share and which ones to delete -- Facebook Photo Sync form iOS 6 is available now and comes with 2GB of free storage.

Facebook Photo Sync iPhone and iPad

How to setup Facebook photo sync on an iPhone or iPad
1. On you phone or tablet launch Facebook and then tap on photos. Scrool down and if all is setup for you, you should see the new 'Sync photos' tab available.
2. Tap on it and you're ready to get started.
3. Your photos will begin to upload to Facebook into a new private album
4. On the website you can choose which photos to share by click the checkmark and then sharing on your Timeline.

How to change photo sync setting son the iPhone or iPad.
1. Open Facebook on your device tap on photos and then tap on Sync Photos and then on the gear icon to bring up the settings.

How to share synced photos on the web
1. Open Facebook
2. Click on Photos
3. Click on Synced from phone
4. Browse through your phones -- checkmark to share or drag to share a group of photos or send privately. Delete to get rid of photos.

Image courtesy of DigitialTrends

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