Thursday, December 6, 2012

Google Chrome Wrench Icon replaced with HotDog Icon

Chrome have changed the icon that used to represent the place where people go to adjust their Google Chrome Settings. We have written a large number of How-to articles on Google Chrome and people are now asking where is the 'Wench' icon -- Google Wrench is missing, disappeared  changed and replaced. Something that everyone had gotten used to. The new icon being called the hotdog icon looks like three black lines stacked up over each other. The Wrench icon was most iconic and in its own fine way represented settings.

Chrome wrench iconThe place to go to when you needed to adjust your settings and change something. The New Hotdogs icon is however here to stay and we are not going into the reasons as to what might have prompted Google to change it. Suffice is to say that it has been changed and now when you want to educate someone on Chrome settings. You might want to use the word hotdog icon and represented by three black lines stacked one on the other. Here is a snapshot of the old wrench icon and the new hotdog icon.

Chrome hotdog icon

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