Sunday, December 30, 2012

Google India Candle: In Memory of the Delhi Braveheart

The Braveheart from Delhi has been laid to rest at a quiet ceremony away from all the crowds. She has been given many sweet titles like Precious' and 'Treasure' -- she fought long, hard and brave against a loosing battle. The nation of India has been outraged by the atrocity against this girl and women in general. The incident sparked many flash protests and when she passed away in a hospital in Singapore - Indian turned from anger to sympathy. Jantar Mantar in Delhi saw thousands of people lighting candles and keeping vigil. The nation mourned in silence and peaceful protests turned to lighting of candles and being silent. Grieving the loss of a brave soul whose life ended just a few months before her marriage.

Google Candle in memory of the Delhi braveheartThe people of India and of Delhi have been outraged and have showed resolve in telling the leaders of the nation, that such atrocities against women cannot go on and needs to stop. Social Media was alight with it from the beginning with Twitter, Reddit and Facebook being destinations that people used to vent their anger and show their solidarity. Google India have also shown this kind of solidarity to an event that has awoken a nation. A nation whose young people have come together to show their resolve and strength. To not politicize the issue but to prioritize what the new generations of Indians want and the kind of society they would like to live in. If you go to Google India today you will see the candle burning in Memory of the Delhi braveheart.

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