Monday, December 17, 2012

How to view your Facebook 2012 Year In Review

Facebook has a new tool out and it is being called '2012 year in review. These happen to be the 20 most important moments of your year. Could range from all the Birthday messages you received to that amazing cover photo you added. People wishing you on the addition of a new born or congratulations on getting married. It is personalized to you and with it you can relive some of these moments. Facebook is about sharing with friends and somehow this tool bring to light all those personal moments of yours on Facebook

Facebook 2012 year in reviewFacebook might want all its members to walk down memory lane as this year ends and maybe bring about a little nostalgia. Since many of its members share constantly events and happenings from their daily lives. it might be a fitting tribute to the end of 2012. A year that brings with it a lot of good and bad on the global scale. For now though have a look at your own 2012 with Facebook's help and glen your own leanings.

How to view your 2012 year in review on Facebook
If you are already signed in to Facebook, go to your Timeline and it should be available there.
You can also click here -
How to view your friend's 2012 year in review
Use this friend's user name here

So go ahead and have fun with this new tool and it sure gets interesting when you check your friends

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