Thursday, January 3, 2013

Facebook Messenger: How to send Voice Messages

Facebook have released a new update to their Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android -- the ability to send voice messages. Sending a voice message is now fairly simple to record and send via Facebook's standalone 'Facebook Messenger" for iOS and Android. These messages can be sent in lieu of text or picture messages. Messages can be recorded for a length or 60 seconds 1 minute only. Once recorded, release the record button to send or slide the button to delete. Bringing with it a walkie-talkie feel. Definitely something to try and have fun with, before the novelty fades off.

Facebook Messenger Voice MessagesHow to send a Voice Message using Facebook Messenger
1. Open the App on your phone or tablet
2. Tap the '+' button beside the text input box.
3. The emoticon and photo attachment menu shows up with a new 'Microphone Icon'.
4. Tap it to start recording
5. A timer appears with the countdown to a minute.
6. Release record button to send or slid off to delete and start again.

Facebook Messenger for iOS | Andriod

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