Tuesday, January 1, 2013

iPhone 6 and iOS 7 - in testing report suggests

The Next Web has begun reporting serious evidence that the iPhone might have a new version the iPhone 6 and the iOS might even get a new upgrade called iOS 7. How far this is true is left to be seen. Here are the reasons however that TNW use to prove it could actually be legitimate. Many app developers have started reporting that a new iPhone Identifier 'iPhone6,1 which runs on iOS 7. These developer logs which show among other things an IP address from Apple's Cupertino Campus for App requests. Which means the next iPhone and new iOS is in the works and could actually be ready for compatibility testing.

Apple LogoEven though OS and device data can be faked, the presence of the unique IP address says something else. Just because the IP address points back to Cupertino does not mean it's for real. Apple have been known to constantly push out new models of the iPhone and to keep upgrading the iOS. If however they are indeed testing a new iPhone - will it be called iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S is left to be seen. If a new iOS if rolled out will it be iOS 7. For now the rumor mills have started spinning and maybe Apple fans will be in for a surprise early with the release of the iPhone 6.
Source: The Next Web.

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