Thursday, January 31, 2013

What is Google Now and how does it work

Google Now is a smart, intelligent personal assistant available on Android based devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and higher. Google not is not Siri's competitor as it is not a voice based search like Siri. With Siri you need to ans a question and you get an audible voice response. With Google Now you can also get an audible voice response to a search query but it is more than that. Google Now will work quietly on your phone and try to predict what information you need as you go through your day. Like when you start you day a weather card will let you know the weather outside and the shortest route to work based on traffic conditions. When you enter a restaurant it will tell you the best dish available based on popularity of the dish and the restaurant.These are known as 'Cards' and they will show up randomly to help you throughout your day.

Google Now How to access Google now on my Android device.
Google now is available only on devices based on Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher. To access Google Now on your device, swipe on on your lock screen or home screen to get started. You can also access it by tapping on the Google Apps icon on your device. The simplest way would be to swipe from the bottom of your screen.

How does Google Now predict the information I need
Google takes information from your Gmail, Google search and other Google services that you might use to build and predict. With the information from all your activity, Google Now is able to know what information you need throughout the day with you asking -- it will predict and show-up on your device's screen. Based on all the information Google knows about you, Google Now is a service that gives back. A lot of companies are tracking you on the net, at least Google Now is open about it, and also giving back something useful in return.

What are Google Now 'cards'.
As Google swerves up more information to help you. You will notice 'Cards' start showing up. Like there is the weather card and birthday card and the public transit card. All these cards will show up on your screen when Google Now knows and predicts that you might need them. There are many cards that Google Now has to help make your day better. There is the photo spot card -- to let you know you are near a spot where people like to take pictures. The movie theater card to let you know what movies are playing nearby. The places card for when you are near a place people like to visit. The translate and currency card. The flight card to let you know arrival and departure. Events cards for when stuff is happening nearby.Sports cards, stocks cards, research card, Gmail card and much much more. If your cards aren't showing up try enabling Google Search History -- Google Now needs information to build these cards. You can visit Google Now on the web here.

Please check the video below to know more

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