Thursday, February 14, 2013

Facebook Graph Search Waiting List Join Right Now

Facebook Graph Search has been released to a limited audience, and if you want to try it out - you would need to join the waiting list. This is if Facebook Graph Search Has not yet reached your Facebook profile. Graph Search on Facebook is a supercharged way of looking for people, places and things. You can search for just about anything and anybody - although it might be more a Facebook kind of thing. The search has more to do with Facebook and people, unlike Google search where you search the entire web. With Facebook Graph Search you do get queries answered with web results, but these results are powered by Bing.
Join the Facebook Graph Search Waiting ListTo get Facebook Graph Search you would need to join the waiting list as it is still in beta and being slowly rolled out to audiences across the globe. Graph Search itself is very fast and accurate and will definitely allow you to explore more on Facebook. There are parts of Facebook that have been left undiscovered, with Graph Search all this is now available. If you are a regular Facebook user then this is something you must have. Something you cannot do without. So follow the link below and join the waiting list now to be one of the first  to get graph search in your Facebook.

To see Facebook Graph Search in action, please check out the video below.


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