Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gmail's new Compose now has over 1,000 emotiocons added

If you've not yet started using Gmail's New Compose -- this might be reason enough to start now. Gmail New Compose is the ability to write or compose more than 1 email at the same time. This was something not available in the old compose. The old Gmail compose would open up an entire page and you can only write one email at a time. With the new compose you can work on multiple emails at the same time. All the more reason to get started using the new compose. In addition to spice things up there are now over a 1,000 new emoticons added to the new compose page.
Gmail compose gets 1,000+ new emoticonsThe new emoticons have the entire range of Google's similes  animals, trees, vehicles, figures, numbers and what have you. The list is endless and there is sure to be an emoticon for everyone out there.

How to use new Gmail Compose.

If you haven't already started, you would need to click on compose and on top of your message. Click on the link which says 'Try the new compose experience'. Once you do this a new windows opens up and you get the new compose box. Hover at the bottom of the box and click on the emoticon icon to get you 1,000+ new emoticons.

So if you're ready go use it now or get ready to receive new emotions in your Gmail messages. Makes your Gmail inbox that much more fun.

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