Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to copyright your Pheed photos and videos

We have already written about the new social networking site known as Pheed. Pheed has a lot of other site's functions built into it - like Facebook news feed and the ability to add hashtags like in Twitter and Google+. Pheed is the new fun social media site on the net and on mobile web. There is a iPhone app for it and the Android app will be out soon. Apart form all of this Pheed has one important function. If you're sharing a video or a photo that belongs to you. You can add a copyright and then share it with your followers.

To get this job done is very easy and offers many benefits. Let's say you have not added a watermark your photo and simply want to share it. You can do so on Pheed and the site will add a watermark with your copyright at the bottom of your photo, image or video. This way you can share and not be worried that people will steal it and not give you credit for it. People can still be able to use it as watermarks can be removed - although not a simple process. With Pheed you have the ability to do this and is something every user must make use of. .

How to copyright Pheed photos and videosHow to copyright your photos and videos on Pheed.
1. login to Pheed
2. Click on create new Pheed
3. At the bottom of the box there is 'Copyright this pheed' - check that box and you're done.

Once you copyright a Pheed, a watermark will be added to the bottom of your Pheed. A simple and easy process - please leave a comment with what you think about this feature on Pheed.

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