Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to upload photos to YouTube

YouTube now has a cool transition - you can upload your photos to YouTube and it will be created into a fantastic slideshow. Before this option it was Windows live Movie maker that people would use. With WLMM you could add all your photos and music to make a slideshow. With the new option on YouTube, you can now upload your photos directly and share them with your friends. The only downside is that to add music - you will be able to only add music that YouTube has. You cannot add your own music. So if you're channel is set for monetization, you will not be able to use the music available on YouTube.

How to upload photos to YouTubeHow to upload pics, photos, images to YouTube
1. login to YouTube
2. Click on upload
3. On the right you will find 'Photo Slideshow'
4. Click on create
5. Upload your photos - drag-and-drop
6. Move your pics around in the order you want them
7. Save and you're done

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