Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to create a YouTube Video Mashup

Putting two videos beside each other and mashing them together can be loads of fun. One of the latest sensations to hit the InterWebs is video mashups. Creating a YouTube Video Mashup can be interesting and a whole lot of fun. There is also a Subreddit dedicated to YouTube video mashups called youtubedoubler. Where users can share the videos they put beside each other and the joy or pain they created.

How to create a YouTube Video mashupWhen creating and mixing two videos together you can get your creativity on and produce something that people love. YouTubeDoubler is the webapp made just for this purpose. With YouTubeDoubler - you can pair two videos beside each other and let them play. You can then give yourself a VJ name and let the crowds view your creations. Once your create your double video you can then sahre it on Reddit, Facebook Twitter or simply mail it out to your friends. Whatever be your interest this site is sure to be a lot of fun. Please let us know in the comments section below if you create a video mashup

Try YouTubeVideo Doubler now

Check the video below and mute the one on the left - Airplane Dancing


YouTube Doubler

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