Thursday, May 9, 2013 Mobile Searches answered with Popular Apps

Seems the fight for mobile search is getting hotter and hotter. With a lot more companies trying to get into something that Google is king of. With Facebook rumored to pick up Waze for as much as $1 billion - wanting themselves to get into mobile search. Waze works as a navigation App that lets users add a lot of navigation information - also allows users to connect with Facebook and see where their friends are driving around. Waze is Israel based and now in the news is another Israeli company Everything.Me. for best new mobile searchEverything.Me how does it work is Android App based on a concept that seeks to redefine mobile search and the kind of answers you get. Mobile users are used to searching and getting a list of links that need to be clicked, to reach their desired destination. Not so with Everything.Me - here when a user searches a list of popular apps are thrown up. Popular mobile apps are found and displayed - so let;s say you search for Sushi. The background of your screen should change to something Sushi. The results would be popular food based apps that get thrown up. Like, FoodSpotting that when tapped will show users Sushi places nearby and a lot of other food and restaurant based apps.

With Mobile search the game is changing fast. People are on the go and want answers quickly, Everything.Me helps to get you those answers in the shortest possible time using the apps already on your phone. Something that you're familiar with and in addition bringing the best related apps to your phone. Your SmartPhone changes completely once you begin your search - from background to the actually search results. Currently available on Google Play and functional only in the US, Canada and UK.

Check out Everything.Me on Google Play now.

Check out the video below to know more.

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