Monday, May 13, 2013

Play Breakout on Google

Breakout the arcade game developed by Atari is now free to play on Google. The game we must mention works only on the web and on tablets. So if you're trying to play the game on an iPhone or Android phone, it's not available. The Easter egg by Google is fun to play and will definitely help you waste time at work. This is also being called a Doodle by Google and if you want to play the game be sure you have some time to spare. As it is very interesting, being such a simple game it is also quite addictive. Reddit user TechChris was the first person to spot the Easter egg from Google and this is how to play Atari Breakout on Google. Once you get a high score you can share it on Google+. The game is celebrating it's 37th anniversary this year.

Play Breakout on GoogleHow to play Atari Breakout on Google
1. Go to Google Image search
2. Type Atari breakout or just click on this link to start playing

The game should start, you can use the right or left arrows or your mouse to move the pad around. Bounce the ball and hit as many of the bricks as possible. There are also levels to conquer so keep at it.

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