Saturday, May 18, 2013

YouTube Channel One to become default for everyone starting June 5

YouTube have announced that Channel One -  their new layout and design that has been tested by more than 100 million channels. What this means is that more than 100 million content creators who have their own channels on YouTube have started using the new design in Beta. On June 5th this will become the default design and layout for all channels across YouTube. We have also used the new YouTube design and we can say it's amazing and really drives a lot more views to your videos.With the new design YouTube channel owners will be able to upload channels art - visible on iOS, TV and Android devices. Making for a much more visual experiences. You can also upload and feature a video that introduces users to your channel and what it's all about.

New YouTube Channel OneWhat it means for Channel Owners

You need to be ready for the shift and YouTube have promised many reminders. So you will not be caught off-guard. The new design comes with a lot of tutorials and how-tos, so you know how to set things up. Once things are setup, you will have a channel with super display settings and visitors to your YouTube channel, get to set your videos and not your recent activities. Like some of the older settings would display. So if you are a content creator and need to get started on your new design layout. Use this link to opt in now to get started. Useful tips and tricks are available here. You can check out the Sociolatte YouTube channel here.

Source: YouTube Blog.

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