Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Difference between show and allow on Timeline

When you access your activity log on your Facebook Timeline and want to set permissions for a post, pic or video. You are presented with two options 1. Shown on Timeline 1. Allowed on Timeline. This is quite confusing and might have people wondering what this actually means. Since both mean almost the same thing. Facebook has an algorithm that is used to determine what posts show up in users' news feeds and Timelines. Not all posts show up everywhere. The same applies to your Timeline. Facebook's algorithm decides which posts get shown on your Timeline and which posts get hidden. So when one of your pals visit your Timeline - they get shown the posts Facebook have decided is important.

difference between show and allow on timelineIn this scenario is where the difference between show and allow on timeline come into play. Basically is you choose Shown on Timeline, you are telling Facebook that you actually want his post on your Timeline. It will then always appear on your Timeline. If you choose Allowed on Timeline - you are letting Facebook decide if it's important or not. So allowed on Timeline means the Facebook algo will come into play and decide to either feature it on your Timeline or not.

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