Monday, June 10, 2013

How to remove Joined Facebook fromTimeline

So you're still working on your Facebook Timeline and trying to work everything to perfection. One of things you might want to do is to remove 'Joined Facebook' from your Timeline. There might be many reasons why users want to do this - maybe they are newbies on Facebook and would like to appear much older. The opposite also might be true. Maybe they don't want everyone searching for them on Facebook to know when they joined. There are a 101 reasons why you might want to remove 'Joined Facebook' from your Timeline - so here goes.

Remove joined Facebook form TimelineHow to remove 'Joined Facebook' from Timeline
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on your name to go to your Timeline
3. Scroll all the way down
4. Hover over 'Joined Facebook' and on the right click on the 'Pencil' icon
5. Choose 'Hide from Timeline'
6. Magic - it disappears.

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Video below for the visuals

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