Thursday, June 27, 2013

You can now become a Google Street View Trekker

Google maps, Google Earth and all their related apps use Street View. Street View is ability to browse Google Maps at street view level. If you're using Google Earth - drop the little man icon and you're suddenly on eye level with the map. So surf and see pictures as they were taken live and kind of live the experience. latest Google Street View has moved to a whole new level. Instead of the street view cars - Google has packed a Trekker on a human back and gone walking with the camera equipment. Which means street view can be a accessed from difficult places and difficult terrain. All a person needs to do is to strap the equipment to their back and walk and out of the whole effort comes some amazing panoramic 360 degree views of the beautiful earth, using Google Street View Trekker.

Google street view trekkerIf you would like to wear this equipment on your back and go on a trek - you can now apply for a partnership and volunteer your services. There are some places that only a few people know. Especially in some parts of the earth. If you are an expert on some place that is beautiful and remove and nice to look at. You can consider volunteering your service to Google. You can apply if you are an organization or an individual. You can also tell Google if you need some sponsorship or funding to conduct your trip. Please check out the link below and apply if this suits your fancy.

Apply to use Street View Trekker here. Image courtesy of Google. 

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