Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to remove Facebook follow button from my profile

Facebook has changed the Subscribe button to a 'Follow' button. Previously if people wanted to subscribe to you on Facebook. They would need to click on the 'Subscribe' button to follow your public updates. Now with the new 'Follow' button - they need to click on the new button to receive your public updates. If you have the Subscribe or Follow button on your Facebook profile and want to remove it or get rid of it. There are simple and easy steps to follow to remove the Follow button from your Facebook profile.
Once the Facebook Follow Button is removed. People will no longer be able to follow your public updates and you will no longer be able to let people become your fan. You will no longer have any followers on Facebook. So, if you have decided you do not want any more fans on Facebook and would not like people to follow you - here is how to remove Facebook follow button from your profile

remove Facebook Follower ButtonHow to turn off, disable the remove Facebook follow button on your public profile

1. Login to Facebook

2. Click on the COG icon and choose privacy settings

3. Click on Followers

4. Click the tick mark beside 'Turn on Follow'

5. The Follow button will be turned off and people will no longer be able to follow you on Facebook.

The downside is that you loose followers and if your bragging rights. But we also understand that it can be quite daunting for people who don't wish to have followers. The more followers means the more people who snoop around on your profile.

Please check video below if you want the visuals.

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