Friday, January 2, 2015

Madonna under fire after comparing herself to Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and others [Photos]

The pic above is the the new artwork for Madonna's new album 'Rebel Heart'. What better way to gain attention than by creating a little controversy. So this is what the queen of pop did. She launched a campaign on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #RebelHeart. She started to photoshop her cover artwork onto famous personalities and took it a bit too far when using images of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and also people like Bob Marley. There is also a pic of 'Christ the redeemer' from Brazil. Onto which she photo shopped her artwork. Calling all of them Rebels -- which is true to a large extent. All of them wanted to beat the system and bring about a change. It cost them dear and took a lot of pain and sacrifice. Almost always was a lifetime's worth of work. Seems a little pretentious comparing herself to 'True hearts'. [Madonna on Instagram -- Madonna on Twitter]

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