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Friday, July 5, 2013

Facebook Stickers are now available in chat

Stickers were released a short while ago to Facebook chat but was available only on mobile. Facebook Stickers are now available on Facebook Web Chat as well. What is a Facebook Sticker - Stickers defy the traditional small size of an emoticon and are large and look like they have been pasted there. Since they come in a larger size they have a lot more option for customization and look amazing. They are not yet available in Status Updates and comment replies and we sure hope they come soon. Facebook have been adding quite a lot of little improvements lately like Hashtags and this is the latest free gift from Facebook. Currently all stickers are available for free on Facebook and you can use any of the collections you want.

Facebook Chat StickersFacebook Stickers - How do they work
1. When you're chatting with a friend click the emoticon icon.
2. Two Sticker sets are available by default - Meep And Pusheen - clicking on any Sticker will automatically add it to Facebook chat.

How to get more free Facebook Stickers
In the same window click on the basket icon. This will take you to the Facebook Sticker Store, all Facebook Stickers are available for free in the store right now. Click on free to get the set added to your chat window. We choose bun and are pretty happy with the collection.

Sets added on the web are not added on your SmartPhone. So if you added a set while browsing Facebook on the web and then switch to your SmartPhone or tablet. You would need to add the set again.