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Monday, February 18, 2013

Harlem Shake Meme

The Harlem Shake is a video based internet meme that went viral on YouTube. The meme started in February of 2013 - it is so new. The meme started when five teenagers from Australia uploaded their Harlem Shale video in response to a video by YouTube vLogger Filthy frank to YouTube. YouTuber TheSunnyCoastSkate as their YouTube name goes uploaded the first video on Feb 2 which has in less than a month more than 40,000 spinoffs. Their original video meme has been so popular that it is sure to end the long reigning Gangnam Style as the most popular meme on the internet. Surprisingly 'Planking' the greatest meme of 2011 also has its origins in Australia.

Harlem Shake Internet MemeThe original music for 'Harlem Shake' is by Baauer. 30 seconds of which is used for the meme. That's right this meme is short, funny and exhilarating. The lyric - do the Harlem shake is taken from the 2001 track 'Miller Time'. The dance involves shaking the shoulders and the torso as seen in the videos below. This is more of a meme as it is not based on someones video but a whole style created by the original uploaders of the video memes. Filthy Frank was the first person to upload the Harlem Shake video but it's the boys from Australia who actually took over the meme and made it really popular. There are now 4,000 Harlem Shake videos being uploaded to YouTube everyday. Check out the videos below for more

Harlem Shake by Filthy Frank

Harlem Shake by TheSunnyCoastSkate

The Original Song 'Harlem Shake' that started it all.

A few popular Harlem Shake videos for your viewing pleasure
Harlem Shake Firefighter eidtion
San Antonio Sea World - with seals and sea lion
Harlem Shake (US Marine Edition)
Harlem Shake V4 (Marine Corps Edition)

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