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Thursday, August 11, 2011

how does work

What is and how does it work. launches Twitch TV, a video streaming site for competitive gamers and for those who want to follow their gaming heroes. You can watch live streams of gameplay and listen to professional gamers commenting. allows users to get in on all the action and discovery awesome games and players. With the popular games being Halo: Reach, Heroes of Newerth, League of legends, Minecraft, StarCraft II, Wings of liberty, Team Fortress 2. With you can follow all these games and find the best players in the world and also listen to them and watch them using live video streaming.

All of this announced by the best commentators in the world. A gamers paradise.

There is also the ability to use interactive chat and therefore you can talk to the best players in the world and learn their tricks. 

How does work

You can also follow the biggest tournaments in eSports. e-Sports is for gamers where professional games gather together to face-off with each other and there is prize money as well, oh yes, tens and thousands of dollars can be won.

Currently the Global Starcraft League tournament or GSL is being broadcasted on The company has also signed-up with God's garden a fighting game tournament based in japan. also runs a partner program just the way YouTube does. Where games who have a large number of people viewing their stream and following them get a share in the revenue. will share all revenues earned with the most popular gamers and reward their hard work. 

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TwitchTV is the largest competitive video gaming broadcast network in the world. Dedicated to supporting, entertaining and inspiring the e-sports community, TwitchTV features the highest quality competitions on all games and platforms, with the top gamers, the biggest tournaments, and the best commentary. TwitchTV leverages the live video streaming platform and infrastructure pioneered by Learn more at to stream on Twitch TV. Please leave a comment below to continue this discussion.