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Monday, November 12, 2012

Refresh their Facebook pages to see Romney's Likes decrease and Obama's increase

The battle was long and hard-fought and to the victor goes the Facebook Likes. This is the power of Social Media and it's open for all to see. Post elections if you go to Mitt Romney's Facebook page and click on refresh you can see his likes count decreasing in real time. The opposite is true for the president. If you go to Obama's Facebook page and refresh the page you will see his likes increasing. The power of Social Media is now most evident and for all to see in real-time.

Obama's Likes increasingThe reports first started surfacing that after the elections Mitt Romney was loosing followers. Going to his page you can see it for yourself. We cannot accurately predict when it will taper off and settle down to a number which might stay steady, as of now it just keeps happening. There is now also a website dedicated to this phenomena called Disappearing Romney. You don't need the website however as you can see it for yourself. Facebook Likes matter and it only proves that in a democracy the power of the people will always matter and although all the campaigning happened off-line the on-line world matters and somehow into the mix Facebook Likes also matter.

Check it out now at Mitt Romney's Facebook page and Obama's Facebook page.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Watch Obama's Victory Speech 2012 [Video]

Ever since the President won the re-election Twitter has been flooded with TTs like #4moreyears #TeamObama and so on. The latest Trending Topic on Twitter is #VictorySpeech. This is the victory speech delivered by Barak Obama after defeating Mitt Romney in the elections. The speech starts with people chanting 4 more years. As is customary -- Twitter has lit up with the topic #VictorySpeech and here is the video of the speech in case you missed it.

[caption id="attachment_2906" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Obama and Michelle after elections Source : Twitter[/caption]

Here are some Tweets of people talking about the victory speech.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Social Media Elections 2012 [Infographic]

The 2012 Presidential elections could not have been more social media fueled. Each presidential debate created the kind of buzz people are getting used to on Twitter and Facebook. Each debate had it's own trending topics on social media sites. So will social media turn more into a prediction machine instead of simply spreading news and information. Is it possible to watch social media patterns and actually predict the outcome of an election. It comes as no surprise that most adults get most of their election news from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. With Mitt Romney and Barack Obama going neck to neck in many states -- social media might actually become the fuel that tips the balance in either's favor. The Infographic below does a great job of breaking it down further. Source for the Infographic. 

Social Media and how it effects the 2012 presidential elections

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am Barack Obama, President of the United States -- AMA

Obama AMA

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So the President of the United Stats has done an IAMA on Reddit ( I Am A) and while doing the IAMA he did it with an AMA (Ask Me Anything). So the president sat for half a hour on Reddit and took questions from users. Everyone familiar with Reddit knows sometimes things can get quite embarrassing - the President however handled everything very well and it became a successful AMA. As of writing this there are over 21,700 comments and the discussion is till happening. This makes him the first president on history to do an AMA and on a site like Reddit.

President Obama answered about 10 questions and if you would like to read just the questions he answered here is the permalink. Yes, the president was asked about Internet Freedom and he did reply saying that he understood how everyone cared so passionately about it and that he did too. Also stating he is going to fight hard to ensure it stays an open forum for everybody. This is principle he won't stray from. The AMA did have an effect on Reddit and the site was reported a little sluggish by users. Obama proved it was genuine by submitting a link in his Twitter account. Non-Redditors also logged-on to Reddit to see what the president would say and answer questions. Reddit now has all the potential to become the next battleground as the president has proved that accepts technology and not afraid to use it. If any good comes from all of this we hope it would lead to Internet Freedom not being removed from people across the world.
Read the full AMA here

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Madonna's Israeli fans create Facebook page asking their PM to hold off attack till after May 29th

With all the verbal exchanges happening between Israel and Iran over the Iranian nuclear program. Most Israelis are worried that their PM Benjamin Netanyahu might launch a strike against Iran in the near future. To make their voice heard, there is a Facebook page asking their PM to delay any attack plans till after the 29th of  May. If you click the about link on the page this is what is says: Netanyahu, No! no to war with Iran, untill Madonna's tour visit to Israel in may 29th. Clicking on the Info link on the page you get this message: War of any kind is bad, we call or leaders, prime minister Netanyahu and Barak, to avoid any attack of any kind against Iran or whatever, at least until Madonna's tour visit in Israel. god save the queen. 

The page is quiet simple and has not been able to get a large number of 'Likes'. As of now it is  179 likes and has 10 people talking about it. There is however a lot of conversation happening and each post has a lot of comments. The discussions are heating up with people who like the idea and others who don't. Most do not like the idea with one user saying  'I say hit the Madonna concert on the way to Iran....two birds....'
The Facebook page (Madonna and not war)

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Barack Obama 2012 on Tumblr

President Obama used Social Media extensively in 08 and now in preparation for 2012 the president and his campaign team have stepped up their efforts to make their presence digitally know with Tumblr. The microblogging site has been growing rapidly over the past year and it makes a lot of sense to be using it. The campaign team in its first post on Tumblr says that they would like this to be a collaborative effort. This is possible they say because of the submission feature available on Tumblr. With the ability to reblog and share whatever the team writes and the ability to add photos and other bits of interesting stuff. The campaign hopes to generate enough buzz with the features available on Tumblr.

The second post on the Tumblr page is Ashleigh, a member of our field department, packages up cell phones to be sent out to staff in their Ohio offices. The third post has a little about the president's message at Las Vegas a little while ago. Users are encouraged to reblog, share photos and videos.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011 to help Obama supporters fight back is live and sponsored by President Obama. The purpose of the site is to keep watch on all presidential attacks on the web. The site has been built to help Obama supporters keep a watch on what is happening and get resources to fight back. With all that is happening right now the site is being sponsored by the president. If you would like to follow 'Attack Watch' on Twitter you can use the Hashtag #AttackWatch. The Twitter account says that the account helps supporters fight back with the facts. The website also allows users to report back to the President on attacks as they happen in real-time using the email form or by Tweeting. You Can also send in your donations to help stop the attacks. The site also has a news feed where you can follow all that is happening, there are also Attack Files to read what is being said against the president on the web. You can report an attack using the webform. The site can keep campaign supports busy with all the is happening for and against the president and those who do not like it will find all the source of information here. 

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Read the Text of Obama's speech commemorating Sept. 11

The Bible tells us, "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."
Ten years ago, America confronted one of our darkest nights. Mighty towers crumbled. Black smoke billowed up from the Pentagon. Airplane wreckage smoldered on a Pennsylvania field. Friends and neighbors, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters—they were taken from us with heartbreaking swiftness and cruelty. On September 12, 2001, we awoke to a world in which evil was closer at hand, and uncertainty clouded our future.
In the decade since, much has changed for Americans. We've known war and recession, passionate debates and political divides. We can never get back the lives we lost on that day, or the Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice in the wars that followed.
Yet today, it is worth remembering what has not changed. Our character as a nation has not changed. Our faith—in God and each other—that has not changed. Our belief in America, born of a timeless ideal that men and women should govern themselves; that all people are created equal, and deserve the same freedom to determine their own destiny—that belief, through test and trials, has only been strengthened.
These past 10 years have shown that America does not give in to fear. The rescue workers who rushed to the scene; the firefighters who charged up the stairs; the passengers who stormed the cockpit—these patriots defined the very nature of courage. Over the years we have also seen a more quiet form of heroism—in the ladder company that lost so many men and still suits up to save lives every day; the businesses that have rebuilt; the burn victim who has bounced back; the families that press on.
Last spring, I received a letter from a woman named Suzanne Swaine. She had lost her husband and brother in the Twin Towers, and said that she had been robbed of "so many would-be proud moments where a father watches their child graduate, or tend goal in a lacrosse game, or succeed academically." But two of her daughters are in college, the other doing well in high school. "It has been 10 years of raising these girls on my own," Suzanne wrote. "I could not be prouder of their strength and resilience." That spirit typifies the American family. And the hopeful future for those girls is the ultimate rebuke to the hateful killers who took the life of their father.
These past ten years have shown America's resolve to defend its citizens, and our way of life. Diplomats serve in far-off posts, and intelligence professionals work tirelessly without recognition. Two million Americans have gone to war since 9/11. They have demonstrated that those who do us harm cannot hide from the reach of justice, anywhere in the world. America has been defended not by conscripts, but by citizens who choose to serve—young people who signed up straight out of school; guardsmen and reservists; workers and businesspeople; immigrants and fourth-generation soldiers. They are men and women who left behind lives of comfort for two, three, four or five tours of duty. Too many will never come home. Those that do carry dark memories from distant places, and the legacy of fallen friends.
The sacrifices of these men and women, and of our military families, remind us that the wages of war are great; that while their service to our nation is full of glory, war itself is never glorious. Our troops have been to lands unknown to many Americans a decade ago—to Kandahar and Kabul, to Mosul and Basra. But our strength is not measured in our ability to stay in these places; it comes from our commitment to leave those lands to free people and sovereign states, and our desire to move from a decade of war to a future of peace.
These 10 years have shown that we hold fast to our freedoms. Yes, we are more vigilant against those who threaten us, and there are inconveniences that come with our common defense. Debates—about war and peace, about security and civil liberties—have often been fierce. But it is precisely the rigor of these debates, and our ability to resolve them in a way that honors our values, that is a measure of our strength. Meanwhile, our open markets still provide innovators with the chance to create, our citizens are still free to speak their minds, and our souls are still enriched in our churches and temples, our synagogues and mosques.
These past 10 years underscore the bonds between all Americans. We have not succumbed to suspicion and mistrust. After 9/11, President Bush made clear what we reaffirm today: The United States will never wage war against Islam or any religion. Immigrants come here from all parts of the globe. In the biggest cities and the smallest towns, in our schools and workplaces, you still see people of every conceivable race, religion and ethnicity—all of them pledging allegiance to one flag, all of them reaching for the same American dream—e pluribus unum, out of many, we are one.
These past 10 years tell a story of resilience. The Pentagon is repaired, and filled with patriots working in common purpose. Shanksville is the scene of friendships forged between residents of that town, and families who lost loved ones there. New York remains a vibrant capital of the arts and industry, fashion and commerce. Where the World Trade Center once stood, the sun glistens off a new tower that reaches toward the sky. Our people still work in skyscrapers. Our stadiums are filled with fans, and our parks full of children playing ball. Our airports hum with travel, and our buses and subways take millions where they need to go. Families sit down to Sunday dinner, and students prepare for school. This land pulses with the optimism of those who set out for distant shores, and the courage of those who died for human freedom.
Decades from now, Americans will visit the memorials to those who were lost on 9/11. They will run their fingers over the places where the names of those we loved are carved into marble and stone, and wonder at the lives they led. Standing before the white headstones in Arlington, and in peaceful cemeteries and small-town squares in every corner of our country, they will pay respects to those lost in Afghanistan and Iraq. They will see the names of the fallen on bridges and statues, at gardens and schools.
And they will know that nothing can break the will of a truly United States of America. They will remember that we have overcome slavery and Civil War; bread lines and fascism; recession and riots; Communism and, yes, terrorism. They will be reminded that we are not perfect, but our democracy is durable, and that democracy—reflecting, as it does, the imperfections of man—also gives us the opportunity to perfect our union. That is what we honor on days of national commemoration—those aspects of the American experience that are enduring, and the determination to move forward as one people.
More than monuments, that will be the legacy of 9/11—a legacy of firefighters who walked into fire and soldiers who signed up to serve; of workers who raised new towers, citizens who faced down fear, and children who realized the dreams of their parents. It will be said of us that we kept that faith; that we took a painful blow, and emerged stronger.
"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."
With a just God as our guide, let us honor those who have been lost, let us rededicate ourselves to the ideals that define our nation, and let us look to the future with hearts full of hope. May God bless the memory of those we lost, and may God bless the United States of America. 

Source: Breitbart

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