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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trade-in old electronics on amazon

Amazon has a new trade-in program for electronic goods. You can use the program to exchange your old laptops, netbooks, smartphones and other gadgets and get an Amazon Gift Card. This card can then be used to buy your next gadget on This program opens doors for people who are especially fond of browsing Amazon for products to buy. The process of exchanging and trading-in old electronic goods just got simpler. Almost everyone has old laptops and other goods that are no more used. Amazon will handle that for you in the easiest manner possible. You can get an exchange for old laptops. MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, external hard-drives, tablets and a host of other electronic goods. Once Amazon agrees for a trade-in you can then print a label, pack your items and ship them for free. Once received you get a gift coupon in your Amazon account within two days.

How to trade-in old electronics on Amazon

Amazon electronics trade-in: How does it work
You will need to go to Amazon trade-in for electronics and then use the search bar to find product you want to do a trade with. Essentially if you model number and product is not found than it is not eligible for a trade-in. Under the find the electronics you'd like to sell bar you can enter the tile or keyword to search by. Once your product appears on this page you can click the trade in like and get started. If you goods reach them and they think you have overvalued your goods they can send it back or you can accept they lower valuation and trade-in or sell it anyway. So go ahead and sell your old electronics goods on So search if your product is eligible and how much it's worth. 

Amazon Electronics Trade-In