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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to unlike something on Facebook

You clicked on the 'Like' button on a Facebook page and now you want to remove yourself from that page. Some users have found the like button so annoying that there is now a 'Dislike Button' group. The new 'Like' button is so innocent but if you click on it you automatically become a fan of the page you like.


The old button 'Become a fan' at least warned people about the implications of clicking on it. The new button however does not. So it you have clicked the like button and are now a fan of a certain page that you would rather leave here is what you need to do.


Unlikeing on FacebookHow to Unlike Something on Facebook

1. Login to facebook.

2. Find the page you would like to leave. Search using the search bar on the top

3. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

4. On the left hand side tool bar you will find the 'Unlike' button

5. Click that and your done


How to find page on which I have clicked the like button.


1. Login to Facebook

2. Click on Profile

3. Click on Info

4. Under 'Likes and Interests' you find pages you like when you clicked on the 'Like' button. You have the option to edit these pages and provide more info or simple click on the page go all the way down and click the 'Unlike' button if you no longer wish to be a fan.

Update: You now can use 'Activity Log'.

The "Like" button can be found on sites all over the internet. If you did click the like button found on that site and now have decided to change you mind. Go back to that site and click that same button which would now read "Unlike"